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Best Videos, Notes & Tests for Your Most Important Exams

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    We think EduRev app was one of the best on Google Play in 2017, so this award is our way of saying thanks for your hard work and for bringing your innovation & expertise to the Play Store.

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    Social media giant Facebook selected the fast growing Edtech startup Edurev for its much sought after FB Start program, and will be providing them with guidance to scale.

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    I scored 99.2 percentile in CAT and I want to thank EduRev Infinity for helping me get into my dream college.

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    A Website for all your study needs

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    Log on, read notes, view lectures – for free

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    The plethora of docs and tests combined with the ease of creating our own courses makes EduRev the future of Education

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    Top rising startup in India helping teachers, authors, publishers shift from an offline model to the online one

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    EduRev is a one-stop solution for every JEE aspirant, with detailed courses for every subject, mock tests, past year papers plus so much and it costs less than 2 books. EduRev Infinity is amazing!

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    EduRev is far better than any other educational app and its EduRev Infinity plan, you get scope for infinite learning to study and improve your marks.

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    EduRev App acts as a personal teacher and helps students improve their marks.

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