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Foundational GS for UPSC 2022 (Pre & Mains)
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Courses included in Package
Polity for UPSC 2023 (Pre & Mains)
790 students learning this week
History for UPSC 2023 (Pre & Mains)
756 students learning this week
Environment for UPSC 2023 (Pre & Mains)
682 students learning this week
Geography for UPSC 2023 (Pre & Mains)
649 students learning this week
Economy for UPSC 2023 (Pre & Mains)
621 students learning this week
Ethics for UPSC 2023 (Pre & Mains)
426 students learning this week
Social Issue for UPSC 2023 (Pre & Mains)
367 students learning this week
Why this Package ?
  • Video lectures, for Prelims and Mains syllabus topicsPDFs of these lectures, for you to download and keepMains and Optional Answer Writing, so that you can build you skills for the Mains exam as well, parallellyMains and Optional Model Answers, for you to understand how to structure an answerEssay Classes without EvaluationAccess to a Telegram group for doubt clarification and peer interaction
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