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EduRev Infinity for UPSC
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Includes 106 courses for UPSC & Current Affairs under EduRev
History for UPSC CSE
152 Videos · 559 Docs · 339 Tests
Famous Books for UPSC Exam (Summary & Tests)
533 Videos · 968 Docs · 394 Tests
Indian Polity for UPSC CSE
121 Videos · 650 Docs · 261 Tests
How To Study For UPSC CSE
8 Videos · 31 Docs
Mock Test Series for UPSC CSE Prelims
16 Videos · 6 Docs · 98 Tests
Geography for UPSC CSE
161 Videos · 466 Docs · 207 Tests
Laxmikanth for Indian Polity: Summaries, MCQs & videos
132 Videos · 76 Docs · 51 Tests
Indian Economy for UPSC CSE
131 Videos · 325 Docs · 135 Tests
Current Affairs & Hindu Analysis: Daily, Weekly & Monthly
47 Videos · 1551 Docs · 451 Tests
Old & New NCERTs for IAS Preparation (Must Read)
276 Docs
Nitin Singhania: Indian Art & Culture (Summary & Tests)
19 Videos · 27 Docs · 29 Tests
Crash Course for UPSC aspirants
179 Videos · 119 Docs · 4 Tests
Spectrum for Modern History: Summary & Tests
37 Docs · 39 Tests
Science & Technology for UPSC CSE
86 Videos · 352 Docs · 235 Tests
CSAT Preparation for UPSC CSE
72 Videos · 69 Docs · 92 Tests
UPSC Mains Essay Preparation
4 Videos · 456 Docs
Environment & Additional Topics for UPSC CSE
103 Videos · 155 Docs · 30 Tests
ATLAS: Map based learning for UPSC CSE
17 Videos · 63 Docs · 15 Tests
Shankar IAS for Environment: Summaries & MCQs
20 Videos · 28 Docs · 20 Tests
Monthly Yojana & Kurukshetra Magazine (English)
251 Docs
GC Leong for Geography: Summaries & MCQs
7 Videos · 25 Docs · 17 Tests
UPSC Mains: Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude
28 Videos · 56 Docs
UPSC Mains: International Relations
38 Videos · 91 Docs
Crack Civil Services in First Attempt by Divey Sethi, IRS
16 Docs
UPSC Interview Preparation Strategy
23 Videos
UPSC Previous Year Question Papers and Video Analysis
142 Videos · 315 Docs · 21 Tests
Weekly Current Affairs
310 Docs · 152 Tests
Post Independence History for UPSC Mains
28 Videos · 41 Docs
इतिहास (History) for UPSC CSE in Hindi
404 Videos · 640 Docs · 355 Tests
भारतीय राजव्यवस्था (Indian Polity) for UPSC CSE in Hindi
185 Videos · 538 Docs · 199 Tests
भूगोल (Geography) for UPSC CSE in Hindi
48 Videos · 424 Docs · 193 Tests
Revision Notes for UPSC Hindi
142 Docs · 10 Tests
एम. लक्ष्मीकांत (M. Laxmikanth) भारत की राज्य व्यवस्था
80 Docs · 38 Tests
पर्यावरण (Environment) for UPSC CSE in Hindi
57 Videos · 124 Docs · 38 Tests
Famous Books for UPSC CSE (Summary & Tests) in Hindi
609 Videos · 375 Docs · 165 Tests
भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था (Indian Economy) for UPSC CSE in Hindi
245 Videos · 218 Docs · 115 Tests
UPSC Prelims Previous Year Paper Discussions (Hindi)
52 Videos
विज्ञान और प्रौद्योगिकी (Science & Technology) for UPSC CSE
28 Videos · 105 Docs · 148 Tests
NCERT Textbooks in Hindi (Class 6 to Class 12)
976 Docs · 393 Tests
UPSC Previous Year Question Papers in Hindi
260 Docs · 15 Tests
UPSC Topic-wise Previous Year Questions (Hindi)
47 Docs · 1 Test
ATLAS (मानचित्र आधारित शिक्षा) for UPSC CSE in Hindi
47 Videos · 6 Tests
Crack Civil Services in First Attempt - Divey Sethi (Hindi)
14 Docs
UPSC Level Questions (NCERT Based) in Hindi
76 Tests
सामान्य विज्ञानं (General Science) for UPSC CSE in Hindi
74 Videos · 226 Docs · 11 Tests
अंतर्राष्ट्रीय संबंध (International Relations) for UPSC CSE
7 Videos · 67 Docs
UPSC Prelims Paper 2 CSAT - Quant, Verbal & Decision Making
67 Videos · 50 Docs · 151 Tests
Polity and Constitution (Prelims) by IAS Masters
36 Videos · 127 Docs · 128 Tests
How to Study for UPSC CSE in Hindi
4 Videos · 10 Docs
NCERT Video Summary: Class 6 to Class 12 (Hinglish)
555 Videos
NCERT Textbooks (Class 6 to Class 12)
1402 Docs · 657 Tests
Monthly Yojana & Kurukshetra Magazine in Hindi
99 Docs
UPSC Mains: निबंध (Essay) Preparation
346 Docs
Crash course for UPSC (Hindi)
350 Videos
NCERT Based Tests for UPSC & State PSC Exams
5 Docs · 84 Tests
Indian Geography for Government Exams (Hindi)
16 Videos
Must Read Old & New NCERTs for UPSC CSE (Hindi)
182 Docs
NCERT Video Summary: Class 6 to Class 12 (English)
473 Videos · 360 Docs
Toppers Answer Sheets: UPSC Mains
35 Docs
Geography (Prelims) by Valor Academy
44 Videos · 119 Docs · 125 Tests
Indian Economy for Government Exams (Hindi)
42 Videos
History(Prelims) by UPSC Toppers
32 Videos · 98 Docs · 136 Tests
General Science(Prelims) by IRS Divey Sethi
39 Videos · 110 Docs · 255 Tests
Indian Polity for Government Exams (Hindi)
39 Videos
General Knowledge for UPSC
19 Videos
Indian Economy (Prelims) by Shahid Ali
36 Videos · 62 Docs · 68 Tests
UPSC Topic Wise Previous Year Questions
98 Docs · 91 Tests
108 Docs
UPSC Mains Answer Writing: Practice
13 Videos · 309 Docs
Art, Architecture and Literature by Shahid Ali
23 Docs · 2 Tests
Economic Survey & Government Reports
10 Videos · 60 Docs · 8 Tests
RAS RPSC Prelims Preparation - Notes, Study Material & Tests
109 Docs · 21 Tests
UPSC Mock Interview
15 Videos
UPSC Mains: विश्व इतिहास (World History) in Hindi
19 Videos · 67 Docs
A Bouquet of Services by IPS Lohit Matani and IPS Vishal
26 Docs
Crash Course for UPSC CSAT (Hindi)
134 Videos
नीतिशास्त्र, सत्यनिष्ठा एवं अभिवृत्ति for UPSC CSE in Hindi
10 Videos · 35 Docs
आंतरिक सुरक्षा और आपदा प्रबंधन for UPSC CSE in Hindi
34 Videos · 73 Docs
NCERT Video Summary: Class 6 to Class 12 (Hindi)
449 Videos
UPSC Preparation Strategy and Tips by Toppers
21 Videos
Civil Services Exam Preparation Tips
43 Videos
MPSC Exam Preparation in Marathi (State PCS)
65 Videos
Class 6 to 12 NCERT Mindmaps for UPSC Preparation
311 Docs
Rajasthan GK & Current Affairs for RPSC RAS REET Preparation
25 Videos
Additional Study Material for UPSC
14 Videos · 467 Docs · 143 Tests
UPSC Mains: World History
50 Videos · 67 Docs
UPSC Mains: Internal Security & Disaster Management
59 Videos · 89 Docs
GPSC Exam Preparation in Gujarati (Gujarat PCS)
29 Videos
WBCS Exam Preparation in Bangla (State PCS)
13 Videos
PIB (Press Information Bureau) Summary
793 Docs
Daily Hindu Analysis: Video summaries
527 Videos
UPSC Mock Interview (conducted with Toppers)
58 Videos
Gist of Rajya Sabha TV / RSTV (now Sansad TV)
156 Videos · 412 Docs
Lucent for GK
481 Videos · 726 Docs · 259 Tests
English Language for UPSC CSE
34 Videos · 66 Docs · 98 Tests
UPSC CSAT: Crash Course (English)
107 Videos
Current Affairs (Hindi): Daily, Weekly & Monthly
706 Docs · 768 Tests
Crash Course for UPSC (English)
244 Videos
UPSC Prelims Mock Test Series in Hindi
4 Docs · 95 Tests
Indian Society for UPSC CSE
15 Videos · 32 Docs
Sociology Optional for UPSC (Videos)
94 Videos
Geography Optional for UPSC (Videos)
168 Videos
History Optional for UPSC (Videos)
257 Videos
Public Administration Optional for UPSC (Videos)
84 Videos
About EduRev Infinity for UPSC
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the EduRev Infinity Package for UPSC? And What do I get in the same?

EduRev Infinity is a special pass that unlocks all the EduRev Infinity courses for the preparation of UPSC Prelims & Mains. With this package, you can study through thousands of videos & documents and take unlimited tests.

Though EduRev Infinity is more about quality than quantity, if we have to put a number you would get around 50+ EduRev Courses which includes 1000+ tests, 2000+ docs and 500+ videos for each field under courses of EduRev Infinity!

Some of the famous courses in the EduRev Infinity Package includes:
- Summaries & MCQ Tests of famous books (Laxmikanth, Spectrum, Nitin Singhania, GC Leong, Ramesh Singh & others)
- Subject-wise courses for History, Geography, Indian Polity, Economics, Science & Technology and others.
- UPSC Prelims Mock Test Series & Past Year Papers
- Crash Course for UPSC
- Current Affairs (Daily, Weekly & Monthly)
- Old & New NCERTs along with summaries & MCQ tests and much more

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, any new course that is added under EduRev Infinity Package for UPSC over the year will also be a part of the package, detailed solutions with every question, higher preference to questions asked, early access to new features and upcoming deeper analysis are all a part of EduRev Infinity!

All the content offered on EduRev has been curated by the mentors of Anudeep Durishetty AIR 1 2017 & other experts.

Does EduRev offer a refund?

We hate to see you go, but we also want you to pay for EduRev Infinity only if you like the experience so we offer a complete 100% refund for requests raised within 24hrs of purchase.
Note: Though, a refund cannot be claimed more than once and is also subject to extreme usage.

Do I need to buy any books along with EduRev Infinity?

EduRev Infinity has a question bank that has tens of thousands of questions, with hints, solutions. EduRev Infinity has more than 500 hours of video lectures and concept notes. These are neatly organized into chapters and topics. Also depending on your progress, EduRev shows you exactly what you need right now with recommendations.

So with EduRev Infinity, everything you need is available at the tap of a button and you don’t need any supplementary books with EduRev Infinity!

What do I get under the Current Affairs course on EduRev?

EduRev has created one of the most structured courses of current affairs for UPSC, where you get daily, weekly & monthly current affairs at once. USP of the Course:
- Daily Analysis of the Hindu
- Daily Current Affairs based MCQs
- Weekly Current Affairs (Documents & MCQ Tests)
- Monthly Current Affairs (Subject-wise Documents & MCQ Tests)
- It has been observed that 60 to 70 percent of the questions are related to current affairs (directly/indirectly)
- All the questions in Daily Tests are designed as per the UPSC exam pattern and help you adapt to the pattern of the exam eventually.
- Imagine, you would have solved 3000+ UPSC pattern exam questions, just by attempting 10 MCQs on a daily basis.

Should I join EduRev Infinity if I go for a coaching class?

A large part of learning is self-study and EduRev helps you make the most of your limited time. You can learn or practice anytime, anywhere at your own pace; ask questions 24x7 and take tests with lakhs of students. EduRev Infinity provides guidance like a personal tutor. EduRev Infinity learns about you, adapts to your needs and grows with you to help you achieve your study goals.

Moreover, EduRev gives you the required attention you deserve for you to do well!

So whether you go for a coaching class or not, EduRev will always be your perfect learning partner!

Can EduRev be accessed through a laptop or PC?

Yes, absolutely! You can use the web version of EduRev on So, when you join EduRev Infinity you can study both from the app as well as a computer.

Why are we charging for EduRev Infinity? Also, why not just show ads?

Imagine you have a test tomorrow and you are really short on time but video ads keep coming up before every document and test, taking away your precious time by showing you ads! That is not something we want for you and we’re sure you don’t like ads either.

So if with a minimal amount you can save time and get great quality, it is totally worthwhile to do that for your better score. And if you compare, it is less than even the books that you buy or the large amounts you have to pay for tuition or even those expensive online platforms but the value addition and the knowledge gained is pretty much comparable if not more!

Plus a lot of teachers put a large amount of time and effort to make all the content that you love, those teachers need to be compensated who help you do better! Plus there is other cost for delivering high quality from cost of servers to other building costs of your beloved EduRev platform!

Which teachers have prepared the courses of the EduRev Infinity UPSC package?

The courses of the EduRev Infinity UPSC package have been curated by the teachers, who have mentored toppers like Anudeep Durishetty AIR 1 2017 & others.

Does EduRev offer Mock tests series for the UPSC Prelims exam?

Yes, EduRev offers the UPSC Prelims Mock Test Series, which includes:
- 30+ Full-length Mock Test for GS1
- 50+ Subject-wise Mock Test
- 10 Mock Test for CSAT

Does EduRev offers Crash Course for UPSC Exam Preparation?

EduRev offers crash courses for UPSC aspirants that will help aspirants to clear their last-minute doubts & revise the whole syllabus in a limited time.

Which all payment methods are available?

We offer a very wide range of payment options in tie-ups with the most secure and well renowned Payment Gateways of the country. You can pay via:

Debit/Credit Card
Net Banking
UPI/Google Pay/PhonePe
PayTm Wallet
PayPal (including International Cards)
If you wish to deposit in a bank through online banking, feel free to reach out to us on '' and our team will get in touch with you our bank details.

If I have any doubt/query while studying, where do I ask?

EduRev Users can ask their doubts on the EduRev Discussion Forum, which is a community of students & teachers. You can ask about a problem you’re having; share something you’ve enjoyed about the course; or help out your fellow students. Around 2Mn+ doubts have been solved within the EduRev Community.
Our Numbers Speak for Themselves
1.6L+ UPSC students are actively using EduRev Infinity