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Novels Courses included in EduRev Infinity
Anthem by Ayn Rand - Summary, Themes and Characters
27 Docs & Videos
Atlas Shrugged - Summary, Themes and Characters
103 Docs & Videos
The Odyssey by Homer- Summary, Themes & Characters
97 Docs & Videos
The Revolutionist- Summary, Themes & Characters
29 Docs & Videos
A Christmas Carol - Summary, Themes & Characters
50 Docs & Videos
Hamlet- Summary, Themes & Characters
59 Docs & Videos
The Fountainhead - Summary, Themes and Characters
79 Docs & Videos
The Fall of the House of Usher - Summary and Themes
9 Docs & Videos
To Kill a Mockingbird - Summary, Themes & Characters
66 Docs & Videos
I, Robot by Isaac Asimov- Summary, Themes & Characters
64 Docs & Videos
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Summary & Themes
19 Docs & Videos
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest-Summary, Themes & Characters
68 Docs & Videos
Animal Farm - Summary, Themes & Characters
36 Docs & Videos
The God of Small Things- Summary, Themes & Characters
36 Docs & Videos
The Portrait of a Lady -Summary, Themes & Characters
105 Docs & Videos
The Autobiography of Malcolm X -Summary, Themes & Characters
59 Docs & Videos
Shantaram - Summary, Themes and Characters
61 Docs & Videos
A Midsummer Night's Dream - Summary, Themes & Characters
52 Docs & Videos
Paradise Lost - Summary, Themes & Characters
24 Docs & Videos
Indian Camp - Summary, Themes & Characters
26 Docs & Videos
Les Misérables by Victor Hugo- Summary, Themes & Characters
83 Docs & Videos
William Wilson - Summary, Themes and Characters
8 Docs & Videos
The Story of My Experiments with Truth - Summary & Themes
146 Docs & Videos
The Communist Manifesto - Summary, Themes & Characters
18 Docs & Videos
Midnight's Children- Summary, Themes & Characters
47 Docs & Videos
A Tale of Two Cities - Summary, Themes & Characters
87 Docs & Videos
King Lear - Summary, Themes & Characters
67 Docs & Videos
The Great Gatsby - Summary, Themes & Characters
31 Docs & Videos
David Copperfield - Summary, Themes & Characters
154 Docs & Videos
Oliver Twist - Summary, Themes & Characters
101 Docs & Videos
Romeo and Juliet- Summary, Themes & Characters
75 Docs & Videos
1984 - Summary, Themes & Characters
40 Docs & Videos
Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption -Summary & Themes
16 Docs & Videos
MS. Found in a Bottle - Summary, Themes & Characters
8 Docs & Videos
The Namesake - Summary, Themes & Characters
30 Docs & Videos
The Catcher in the Rye- Summary, Themes & Characters
87 Docs & Videos
The Purloined Letter - Summary, Themes & Characters
13 Docs & Videos
The Old Man and the Sea - Summary, Themes & Characters
41 Docs & Videos
Julius Caesar- Summary, Themes & Characters
56 Docs & Videos
and 450+ Courses for other Categories
What is EduRev Infinity?
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EduRev Infinity? And What do I get in the same?

EduRev Infinity is a special pass that unlocks all courses under all exams on EduRev. With EduRev Infinity, you can watch unlimited videos, read unlimited docs, and take unlimited tests.

Though EduRev Infinity is more about quality than quantity, but if we have to put a number you would get around 250+ tests, 500+ docs and 300+ videos for each field under courses of EduRev Infinity!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, any new course that is added over the year, detailed solutions with every question, higher preference to questions asked, early access to new features and upcoming deeper analysis are all a part of EduRev Infinity!

What is the level of Questions for Novels?

Level of questions have been kept as close to the actual Novels exam as possible. EduRev has been famous for getting questions in the Novels exam from the tests shared on EduRev and it has helped many previous toppers achieve their goals!

The questions have a healthy mix of easy, medium and hard to get you perfectly prepared for Novels!

Does EduRev offer a refund?

Yes, we want you to pay for EduRev Infinity only if you like the experience so we offer a complete 100% refund for requests raised within 24hrs of purchase.

*Though, a refund cannot be claimed more than once and is also subject to extreme usage.

Will all of the Courses on EduRev be available during the Infinity validity period?

Yes, you will have access to each and every course on EduRev after joining EduRev Infinity. Also, all the new courses added over the year would also be available to you under EduRev Infinity!

Also, if any new courses are added will I be able to access those too?

Yes, each and every new course added over the year will be available to you under EduRev Infinity!

Why are we charging for EduRev Infinity? Also, why not just show ads?

Imagine you have a test tomorrow and you are really short on time but video ads keep coming up before every document and test, taking away your precious time by showing you ads! That is not something we want for you and we’re sure you don’t like ads either.

So if with a minimal amount you can save time and get great quality, it is totally worthwhile to do that for your better score. And if you compare, it is less than even the books that you buy or the large amounts you have to pay for tuition or even those expensive online platforms but the value addition and the knowledge gained is pretty much comparable if not more!

Plus a lot of teachers put a large amount of time and effort to make all the content that you love, those teachers need to be compensated who help you do better! Plus there is other cost for delivering high quality from cost of servers to other building costs of your beloved EduRev platform!

Do I need to buy any books along with EduRev Infinity?

EduRev Infinity has a question bank that has tens of thousands of questions, with hints, solutions. EduRev Infinity has more than 500 hours of video lectures and concept notes. These are neatly organized into chapters and topics. Also depending on your progress, EduRev shows you exactly what you need right now with recommendations.

So with EduRev Infinity, everything you need is available at the tap of a button and you don’t need any supplementary books with EduRev Infinity!

Should I join EduRev Infinity if I go for a coaching class?

A large part of learning is self-study and EduRev helps you make the most of your limited time. You can learn or practice anytime, anywhere at your own pace; ask questions 24x7 and take tests with lakhs of students. EduRev Infinity provides guidance like a personal tutor. EduRev Infinity learns about you, adapts to your needs and grows with you to help you achieve your study goals.

Moreover, EduRev gives you the required attention you deserve for you to do well!

So whether you go for a coaching class or not, EduRev will always be your perfect learning partner!

Which all payment methods are available?

We offer a very wide range of payment options in tie-ups with the most secure and well renowned Payment Gateways of the country. You can pay via:

  • Debit/Credit Card
  • Net Banking
  • UPI/Google Pay/PhonePe
  • PayTm Wallet
  • PayPal (including International Cards)

If you wish to deposit in a bank through online banking, feel free to reach out to us on 'support@edurev.in' and our team will get in touch with you our bank details.

If you wish to pay through Cash, you can either deposit in a bank or you can purchase the EduRev Infinity plan through Amazon using Cash-on-Delivery option - https://www.amazon.in/EduRev-Infinity-Solutions/dp/B07JJCMTHC

Can EduRev be used on a mobile phone?

Yes, absolutely! You can use the mobile app of EduRev on https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.edurev So, when you join EduRev Infinity you can study both from the web as well as a mobile phone.

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