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EduRev Infinity for CLAT
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the EduRev Infinity Package for CLAT?

EduRev Infinity package for CLAT is a group of highly curated courses by EduRev which would help you to crack the CLAT exam. These courses can be attended from the comfort of your home. The list of courses includes section-wise courses, mock test series, past year papers, & revision notes.

Here’s a list of courses included in the EduRev Infinity package:
- Quantitative Techniques for CLAT
- Logical Reasoning for CLAT
- Legal Reasoning for CLAT
- English for CLAT
- Current Affairs & General Knowledge
- Law Entrance Test (CLAT) Preparation Guide
- Mock Test Series for CLAT 2021
- CLAT Past Year Papers (2008-2020)
- Preparation for Judicial Services Exam (in English)
- Mock Test Series for AILET, DU-LLB, SLAT, & PU-LLB

What does the EduRev course for Logical Reasoning for CLAT include?

Each course on EduRev has been developed as per the latest pattern of the exam.

EduRev course for Logical Reasoning for CLAT includes:
- 30+ Topic-wise Documents
- 15+ Topic-wise Tests
- 40+ Topic-wise Videos
- 10+ Practice Tests for Logical Reasoning

What does the EduRev course for Legal Reasoning for CLAT include?

Legal Reasoning for CLAT is designed to test the candidate's interest in the study of law.

EduRev course for Legal Reasoning for CLAT includes:
- 120+ Topic-wise Documents
- 50+ Topic-wise Tests
- 50+ Topic-wise Videos
- Legal GK (General Knowledge)
- 10+ Practice Test: Passage Based Questions

What does the EduRev course for Quantitative Techniques for CLAT include?

Quantitative Techniques for CLAT is a section that will test your basic mathematical abilities. It is basically one of the shortest and simplest sections in the paper.

EduRev course for Quantitative Techniques for CLAT includes:
- 70+ Topic-wise Documents
- 80+ Topic-wise Tests
- 20+ Topic-wise Videos

How many mock tests will be available for CLAT?

EduRev offers Mock Test Series for CLAT Exam. The course includes:
- 25+ Full Mock Test Series
- 35+ Section-Wise Tests

Section Wise Tests will be covering all the sections: Legal Reasoning, English, General Knowledge & Current Affairs, Quantitative Techniques, & Logical Reasoning.

Does EduRev have Current Affairs & General Knowledge Course for the CLAT Preparation?

EduRev course for Current Affairs & General Knowledge have all the important topics like Science & Technology, Constitutional Law, Indian History, World Knowledge, Important Treaties & Conventions, Indian Government, Indian Geography & many more.

What does EduRev offers for AILET, DU-LLB, SLAT, & PU-LLB Exam?

EduRev offers Full Mock Tests Series for AILET, DU-LLB, SLAT, & PU-LLB.
- AILET: 20 Full Mock Tests
- DU-LLB: 7 Full Mock Tests
- SLAT: 8 Full Mock Tests
- PU-LLB: 10 Full Mock Tests

Does EduRev Past Year Papers for CLAT?

EduRev offers Past Year Papers for the last 13 years. All these papers are available on EduRev in the form of Tests. So you’ll get real exam experience while attempting these tests.

Can EduRev be accessed through a laptop or PC?

You can access the EduRev website ( to use it on your laptop or PC. Please make sure that you log in with the same credentials (email id & password) you've created an account on EduRev.

Does EduRev offer a refund?

We hate to see you go, but we also want you to pay for EduRev Infinity only if you like the experience so we offer a complete 100% refund for requests raised within 24hrs of purchase.
Note: Though, a refund cannot be claimed more than once and is also subject to extreme usage.

If I have any doubt/query while studying, where do I ask?

EduRev Users can ask their doubts on the EduRev Discussion Forum, which is a community of students & teachers. You can ask about a problem you’re having; share something you’ve enjoyed about the course; or help out your fellow students. Around 2Mn+ doubts have been solved within the EduRev Community.