About Us
EduRev provides each student the freedom to learn what they want when they want it and even at the pace they want it. Not only that EduRev analyses you and shows you, your strength and weaknesses then telling you how to improve on them. Further, EduRev is finding the best teachers from across the country to deliver the highest quality to everyone and not just what is available near to your house. Whether you're living on a remote hill or in an urban city, EduRev has got your back.
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Why are we building EduRev?
Our education system is on life support, and it is time to pull the plug. High-quality education is not affordable, rarely accessible and barely personalized. The Britishers had set up our education system to create skilled labor for the industries they were creating. Those jobs are now getting obsolete and so has our education system but we refuse to acknowledge the latter.

Technology is deeply ingrained in our lives, we have come from sending messages via telegrams to now beaming direct videos to each other over the internet. But our education is barely a step forward from blackboard and chalks. Let's be honest, classrooms are a not working for a while now. One poor teacher teaching 45 different students in just 45 minutes. With each student being unique in her pace of learning, in her doubts and in her perspective, we still force feed all of them the same content at the same pace solving doubts of only the 5 students sitting on the front benches.

This needs to change. And EduRev is taking giant strides to make it happen.
Building technology is expensive but when we have 445Mn students in just one country, the economies of scale bring the prices down to that of a few books and deliver an experience similar to having your personal coaching center.

We are on a mission to provide the highest quality education where each and every student feels like having her/his own personal teacher.

We are EduRev, the Education Revolution.