Class 4

CBSE Class 4

The 4th grade is one of the most important stages in a student's life. In this standard students learn all the fundamentals of science and maths subjects. The class 4 for CBSE Board consists of various interesting subjects like Science, Maths, English, Hindi etc. Students must learn these subjects by  heart and understand the basic concepts of which they will need throughout their life. Edurev provides the best study materials and notes for class 4 science and maths so that students can learn more effectively. 

Subjects for Class 4 Curriculum
  1. • Course structure
  2. • Prescribed topic in each unit
  3. • Unit wise weightage
  4. • List of prescribed books
  5. • Question paper design
  6. • Course Objective

Class 4 CBSE syllabus will help students to grasp concepts easily as it conveys the subject matter very clearly. Class 4 syllabus is quite very important for students to develop their key concepts on various topics. It also provides a framework for various subject enrichment activities to be conducted in the school to achieve a desirable quality of education. Every student must go through the latest curriculum before he/she starts preparing a subject. It will make exam preparation easier and help you manage your time and study in an organised manner.

  1. Mathematics
    Mathematics (Maths) for Class 4

  2. English
    English for Class 4

  3. Hindi
    Hindi for Class 4

  1. Environmental Studies (EVS)
    EVS for Class 4
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