Class 7

Class 7: tips and tricks, Subjects, Study Material, Practice Tests

Class 7 helps in learning the basic fundamentals which will help in future studies. CBSE class 7 preparation requires a comprehensive study materials with the very basic concepts and slow moving to some higher level concepts asked in the 7th class exam. Thus it is very important to have understanding of the concepts. Step by step preparation is really very helpful. Basic understanding of different subjects i.e. maths, science, sst, hindi and english of class 7 is required.

Tips & Tricks for Class 7

  • Time table is a must. Each student should make their own time table in which required time to different subjects should be given. As per one’s own preference, they should dedicate their time to studies either during the day time or in the nights. Therefore create a timetable that matches your requirement and the one which you can actually follow. 

  • Regular practise. Keep on practicing as practice makes a man perfect; therefore include practice in your study routine. As soon as you finish a topic, try to recall all the important points and jot them down in paper for further reference.

CBSE Class 7 Syllabus 2019-2020, contains:
  1. Course structure

  2. Prescribed topics in each unit

  3. Unit-wise weightage

  4. List of prescribed books 

  5. Question paper design

  6. Course Objective

Knowing the syllabus is an important part of the preparation. It helps in better planning and analyzing what all topics have been covered. So, it’s important for class 7 students to go through the syllabus at the beginning of the academic session only. By knowing the CBSE syllabus for class 7 they could prepare an effective study plan for themselves. It will make the exam preparation easier, helping you to better manage your time and study in an organized manner. CBSE Syllabus of class 7 contains all the chapter given in the NCERT books 

  1. Mathematics
    Mathematics for Class 7 (VII) - CBSE & NCERT Curriculum

  2. Science
    Science for Class 7 (VII) - CBSE & NCERT Curriculum

  3. Social Studies
    Social Science Studies (SST) Class 7 (VII) - CBSE, NCERT

  4. English
    English Honeycomb for Class 7 - CBSE and NCERT Curriculum
    English An Alien Hand Class 7 (VII) - CBSE, NCERT Curriculum

  1. Hindi 
    Hindi (Vasant II) Class 7 (VII) - CBSE & NCERT Curriculum
CBSE Class 6 Reference Books:

Serial No.





NCERT Textbook For Class 7 Mathematics

RD Sharma for Class 7 Mathematics



NCERT Textbook Science For Class-7



NCERT Hindi (Vasant II) class 7



NCERT The Textbook in English (Honeycomb) for Class 7

NCERT The Textbook in English (An Alien Hand) for Class 7


Social Science

NCERT History class 7

NCERT Textbook in Geography for Class 7 Social Science

NCERT Textbook In Social and Political Life (Civics) For Class 7

Sample Papers for Class 7

These CBSE Class 7 sample papers mostly contains the questions which are asked in the previous years and are important from an exam point of view. Students who solve these sample papers get good practice before the exam and are able to sit for the exam more confidently. Here we have compiled the sample papers with and without solutions for all subjects of Class 7

  1. Sample papers for science class 7

  2. Sample papers for mathematics class 7

  3. Sample papers for social science class 7

  4. Sample papers for hindi class 7

  5. Sample papers for english class 7

Subject Wise Preparation for Class 7

How to prepare for Class 7 Maths?
Maths is a subject that demands a lot of practise. One can only excel in maths if a good amount of practice is done for all topics. Learning formulas by heat and understanding theorems can only give good results when a lot of practice is done.The understanding part of every chapter and topic is complete only when it is followed by practice.
Along with class 7 maths Ncert book it is important to practise questions from another reference book. It can be any book recommended by your teachers. Generally teachers recommend Rd Sharma for class 7 mathematics.

How to prepare for Class 7 Science?
Science is one of the important subjects for the students who wish to make their career in the engineering field, medical field and technology related field. The basis concept of science is generally introduced in cbse class 7 where students need to grasp the concept. For CBSE Class 7 science preparation, a proper learning process needs to be followed. A step by step approach should be followed. Understand the concepts of physics, chemistry and biology and make proper notes. For NCERT Solutions and more click here

How to prepare for Class 7 Social Science? 
Social science is one such subject, which if not taught by correlating to real life experiences, as a result students lose their interest and find this subject quite very boring. Class 7 Social science subjects include History, Geography and civics. It's important to know and understand what you are studying instead of just cramming things. For this, read it like a story and attempt to remember the key words. For NCERT Solutions and more click here

How to prepare for Class 7 English?
English is one of the major subjects as in most of the schools english is the medium. English is considered as one of the major languages in the world of science, maths and commerce. Class 7 English involves many parts and sections to understand and learn. One needs to plan a proper structure for learning all the sections involved in Class 7 English. The sections included in the exam are: Reading, Writing, Grammar and Literature. Keep practicing by solving previous year papers and evaluate yourself at every level. For NCERT Solutions and more click here

How to prepare for Class 7 Hindi?
Class 7 Hindi is a vast subject with various sections that need to be covered before the exam. You need to be good in the grammar as well as writing section. Also, the literature section should be well learnt and understood. Understand all the chapters in the syllabus by reading them once or twice from the NCERT Textbooks. For hindi vyakaran, practice to strengthen grammar and language concepts. Your textbooks are sufficient to follow and study. For NCERT Solutions and more click here

Past year paper for Class 7

Solving past year question paper helps not only in analysing the pattern of the paper but is also a good practicing trick. Also the solution document for each paper is made available. Here we have previous year papers for all the subjects to make your command strong on the subject.

Previous year papers for different subjects

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Unlimited Tests, Videos & Notes for Class 7

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