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20 Questions MCQ Test Blockchain Tutorial for Beginners | Blockchain MCQ -3

Blockchain MCQ -3 for IT & Software 2023 is part of Blockchain Tutorial for Beginners preparation. The Blockchain MCQ -3 questions and answers have been prepared according to the IT & Software exam syllabus.The Blockchain MCQ -3 MCQs are made for IT & Software 2023 Exam. Find important definitions, questions, notes, meanings, examples, exercises, MCQs and online tests for Blockchain MCQ -3 below.
Solutions of Blockchain MCQ -3 questions in English are available as part of our Blockchain Tutorial for Beginners for IT & Software & Blockchain MCQ -3 solutions in Hindi for Blockchain Tutorial for Beginners course. Download more important topics, notes, lectures and mock test series for IT & Software Exam by signing up for free. Attempt Blockchain MCQ -3 | 20 questions in 20 minutes | Mock test for IT & Software preparation | Free important questions MCQ to study Blockchain Tutorial for Beginners for IT & Software Exam | Download free PDF with solutions
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Blockchain MCQ -3 - Question 1

Which of the following is popularly used for storing bitcoins?

Blockchain MCQ -3 - Question 2

Which site run by Ross Ulbricht was closed by the FBI for letting people buy drugs with Bitcoin?

Blockchain MCQ -3 - Question 3

Which of these US states introduced the BitLicense regulation for Cryptocurrency companies?

Blockchain MCQ -3 - Question 4

Cryptographic Hash Function transforms an arbitrary length of a fixed length string that act more or less as a Fingerprint of the document

Blockchain MCQ -3 - Question 5

What is the name of the famous Bitcoin exchange from japan that collapsed in 2014?

Blockchain MCQ -3 - Question 6

What does the block in the blockchain consist of?

Blockchain MCQ -3 - Question 7

After 10 Minutes a new block is formed that contains latest transactions

Blockchain MCQ -3 - Question 8

A bitcoin address collision happens when 2 different payments are made at the same time to the same bitcoin address

Blockchain MCQ -3 - Question 9

What is not a ledger type considered by users in Blockchain?

Blockchain MCQ -3 - Question 10

What is the impact of information leak for an organization?

Blockchain MCQ -3 - Question 11

What time did Bitcoin Network Start?

Blockchain MCQ -3 - Question 12

How many new Bitcoins are created every day?

Blockchain MCQ -3 - Question 13

What is the initial application for which Blockchain was designed?

Blockchain MCQ -3 - Question 14

An orphan block is only created when 51% attack is successful

Blockchain MCQ -3 - Question 15

Where is the bitcoin central server located?

Blockchain MCQ -3 - Question 16

What does a ledger in Blockchain does?

Blockchain MCQ -3 - Question 17

First step of Blockchain project implementation is?

Blockchain MCQ -3 - Question 18

What is the name of the first academic paper that describes bitcoin commonly referred to as?

Blockchain MCQ -3 - Question 19

Which of the following is important for Blockchain

Blockchain MCQ -3 - Question 20

How often does Bitcoin ledger reconcile

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