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Comparing Quantities -MCQ

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10 Questions MCQ Test Class 8 Mathematics by VP Classes | Comparing Quantities -MCQ

Comparing Quantities -MCQ for Class 8 2022 is part of Class 8 Mathematics by VP Classes preparation. The Comparing Quantities -MCQ questions and answers have been prepared according to the Class 8 exam syllabus.The Comparing Quantities -MCQ MCQs are made for Class 8 2022 Exam. Find important definitions, questions, notes, meanings, examples, exercises, MCQs and online tests for Comparing Quantities -MCQ below.
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Comparing Quantities -MCQ - Question 1

On which of the following percent profit or percent-loss is calculated?

Comparing Quantities -MCQ - Question 2

The discount is always calculated on which of the following?

Comparing Quantities -MCQ - Question 3

VAT is always calculated on which of the following?

Comparing Quantities -MCQ - Question 4

If interest is compounded half yearly then time period in taken:

Comparing Quantities -MCQ - Question 5

If the interest is compounded quarterly, then the ‘rate of interest per annum’:

Comparing Quantities -MCQ - Question 6

If the marked price of an item is Rs 10 and a discount of 10 % is allowed then its sales price is:

Comparing Quantities -MCQ - Question 7

A machinery worth Rs p is depreciated by R % per annum. Which of the following will be its
value after 1 year?

Comparing Quantities -MCQ - Question 8

If the marked price of an item is Rs 1050 and sales price is Rs 1000 then discount is:

Comparing Quantities -MCQ - Question 9

An article marked at 10% more than its cost price. If a discount of 10% is allowed then whichof the following is true?

Comparing Quantities -MCQ - Question 10

If an article sold for Rs 100 then there is a gain of Rs 20. which of the following is the gain percent?

Detailed Solution for Comparing Quantities -MCQ - Question 10

Gain %=?
As we know that,C.P.=S.P.-Gain
So now put the formula P%=P/CP×100(here p is profit)
so, P%=20/C.P.×100
After reducing, P%=25%..

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