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The country of Bhutan is surrounded by

Solution: It is landlocked between Tibet Autonomous Region - north and Indian states of Sikkim, WB, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.


The continent having the largest area in the equatorial belt is


The continent that has occupied the largest area in the equatorial belt is Africa.


The Wallace's line separates the flora and fauna between

Solution: The Wallace line is a faunal boundary line drawn in 1859 by British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace and named by Thomas Henry Huxley, that separates the ecozones of Asia and Wallacea, a transitional zone between Asia and Australia.


Find the correct pair from the following pairs.


Palm Islands - Dubai

Sagarmatha- Eastern Nepal

South Atlantic - Island of Saint Helena




Which country in Asia continent is known as 'Land of Golden Fibre'?

Solution: Bangladesh is one of the largest jute producing countries in the world. Jute is called the Golden Fibre of Bangladesh.


The endangered olive Ridley turtles have the world's largest aggregation at

Solution: These are the smallest and most abundant of all sea turtles found in the world Inhabiting warm waters of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans.


Which lake, currently under dispute between India and China is in process of being Identified under the Ramsar Convention as a wetland of international importance?

Solution: It is situated in India and China.

The lake is in the process of being identified under Ramsar Convention as a wetland site of international importance. This will be the first trans boundary wetland in south Asia under the convention.


Which among the following straits connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean?

Solution: It is a narrow strait that connects the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, & separates Gibraltar and Peninsular Spain in Europe from Morocco and Ceuta (Spain) in Africa.


Which among the following is the coastal water body that lies off the Southwest coast of India, north of a line extending from the Southern point of Srijanka to the southernmost of the Maldives Islands and east of the Maldives?



Alph River and Onyx river are located in the following continents.



1. Dome A

2. Peak 3938

3. Dome F

4. Adams streams

5. Aiken Creek

6. Alph river

7. Lawson creek

8. Onyx river


Consider the following factors about commercial grain farming.

1. Highly mechanised cultivation.

2. Large size of farms.

3. Predominance of wheat.

4. Excessive use of labour.

Q. Which of the statements given above are correct?

Solution: It's a type of agriculture that is largely dependent on mechanization. Wheat & maize are common commercially grown grains. It is mostly practiced in the temperate grasslands of North America, Europe and Asia.


Africa is a hot continent because

Solution: Africa mainly lies within the intertropical zone between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.

Only the northernmost and the southernmost fringes of the continent have a Mediterranean climate.

Because of this geographical situation, Africa is a hot continent as the solar radiation intensity is always high.


The Tropic of Capricorn passes through which of the following countries?

Solution: It's a line which runs parallel to the equator, but 26-degree 30" south of it.

The line passes through Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Mozambique, Madagascar, Australia and French Polynesia, Clipping New Caledonia , Fiji, Tonga and the Cook Islands before landfall at Pitcairn .

The tropics experience little difference between seasons s o, between the Tropic of Capricorn and Tropic of Cancer (which is an equal distance north of the equator), life is generally warm and sunny.


Both Japan and Indonesia are made up of a chain of Islands called

Solution: An archipelago sometimes called an island group or island chain ,is a chain , cluster or collection of Islands or sometimes a sea containing a small number of scattered islands.

Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, New Zealand, Maldives, the Bahamas, Greece , Hawaii, the Polynesian islands and Azores are the well known archipelagos.

The largest archipelagic state in the world by area and population is Indonesia.


Consider the following about tribal groups of Africa.

1. Swahili

2. Inca

3. Negro

4. Han

Q. Which of the above is/are found in Africa?


a) The Swahili people (or Waswahili) are a Bantu ethnic group inhabiting East Africa. Members of this ethnicity primarily reside on the Swahili coast, in an area encompassing the Zanzibar archipelago, littoral Kenya, the Tanzania seaboard, and northern Mozambique.

c) "Negro" was also used of the peoples of West Africa in old maps labelled Negroland, an area stretching along the Niger River. From the 18th century to the late 1960s, negro (later capitalized) was considered to be the proper English-language term for people of black African origin.


Which strait separates the mainland tip of America from the Tierra del Fuego Island and also connects Pacific with the Atlantic Ocean?

Solution: It's a navigable sea route separating mainland S. America to the north and Tierra del Fuego to the south. It is the most important natural passage between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean.


LAC, LOC and MacMahon (Sino-indian border) passes through which of the following states.

1. Jammu & Kashmir

2. Uttarakhand

3. Himachal Pradesh

4. Sikkim

5. Arunachal Pradesh


It is a demarcation line that The entire Sino-Indian border (including the western LAC, the small undisputed section in the centre, and the McMahon Line in the east) is 4,056 km (2,520 mi) long and traverses five Indian states/territories: Ladakh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, and Arunachal Pradesh.separates Indian-controlled territory from Chinese controlled territory.

The entire Sino-indian border (including western LAC, small undisputed section section in centre and McMahon Line in east) traverses through 5 Indian states J & K, Uttarakhand , Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh


Duncan passage is situated between

Solution: It is a strait in the Indian Ocean that separates Rutland island (part of great Andaman)-north and Little Andaman-south.

West of Duncan passage is the Bay of Bengal and East is the Arabian Sea.

Small Islands & Islets lie along the passage are North Cinque Island, South Cinque Island, Passage island, The Sisters, North Brother island & South Brother Island.


In which one of the following places is the Shompen tribe found?

Solution: They are the indigenous people of the interior of Great Nicobar island, part of the Indian union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is one of the least known particularly vulnerable tribal groups in the A & N islands.


In which of the following Islands of India is an active Volcano found?

Solution: Barren island, one of the most easterly of Andaman Islands, is the only confirmed active volcano in India.


Which of the following are the borders shared by Iraq?



Match the following:




Which one of the following statements is not correct?

Solution: Cauvery river rises in Talacauvery, Karnataka.


Where is the Palghat pass present?


Located between the Nilgiri Hills to the north and Anaimalai Hills to the south, it is about 20 miles (32 km) wide and straddles the Kerala–Tamil Nadu border, serving as a major communication route between those two states. Highways and rail lines through the gap connect Palghat in Kerala with Coimbatore and Pollachi in Tamil Nadu.


The region between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates historically called as___?

Solution: It's a historic region situated within the tigris-Euphrates river system, in modern days roughly corresponding to most of Iraq plus Kuwait, Syria, Turkey.


Consider the following facts about Odisha Longest bridge .

1. It is named after "Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Setu".

2. It is built upon a river which is tributary of river Mahanadi.

3. It is the first 3 lane bridge on Bridge in Odisha and reduces the distance between cuttack and khordha.

Which of the following statements is/are correct?

  • Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Setu (also called Netaji Setu) is the longest bridge over the river Kathajodi, a tributary of river Mahanadi.

  • It is the first 3 lane bridge in Odisha and reduces the distance between Bubaneswar and Cuttack.

  • It connects Belleview point near Judicial Academy in Cuttack to Trishulia.


Which of the following Museums have been matched correctly?

1. Chhatrapati Shivaji Vastu Museum - Mumbai

2. Shankar's International Dolls Museum - Delhi

3. Salar Jung Museum - Tamil Nadu

4. Calico Museum - Allahabad


1. Chhatrapati Shivaji Vastu Museum - Mumbai

2. Shankar's International Dolls Museum - Delhi

3. Salar Jung Museum - Hyderabad

4. Calico Museum - Ahmedabad


Which passage connects southwestern- Atlantic Ocean with south-eastern-Pacific Ocean?

Solution: Drake Passage is a body of water between South America Cape Horn and South Shetland Islands of Antarctica. It connects southwestern part of the Atlantic Ocean with the southeastern part of Pacific Ocean and it extends into the Southern Ocean.


Girnar hills, is the highest peak in which of the following states of India?

Solution: Also known as Girinagar or RevatakParvata is a group of mountains in the Junagadh District of Gujarat. These mountain ranges are considered sacred.


Which is the longest tunnel to carry water Asia between Yellampally barrage and Mallannasagar reservoir?

Solution: It has the longest tunnel to carry water in Asia -81km between the Yellampalli barrage and the Mallannasagar reservoir. It is designed in Telangana. It has an estimated cost of Rs.80,500 Cr, the costliest irrigation project to be taken up by any state.

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