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Model Papers -2

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30 Questions MCQ Test Science Olympiad Class 4 | Model Papers -2

Model Papers -2 for Class 4 2022 is part of Science Olympiad Class 4 preparation. The Model Papers -2 questions and answers have been prepared according to the Class 4 exam syllabus.The Model Papers -2 MCQs are made for Class 4 2022 Exam. Find important definitions, questions, notes, meanings, examples, exercises, MCQs and online tests for Model Papers -2 below.
Solutions of Model Papers -2 questions in English are available as part of our Science Olympiad Class 4 for Class 4 & Model Papers -2 solutions in Hindi for Science Olympiad Class 4 course. Download more important topics, notes, lectures and mock test series for Class 4 Exam by signing up for free. Attempt Model Papers -2 | 30 questions in 60 minutes | Mock test for Class 4 preparation | Free important questions MCQ to study Science Olympiad Class 4 for Class 4 Exam | Download free PDF with solutions
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Model Papers -2 - Question 1

The figure shown below is of a plant in a beaker. Yesterday, Anaya filled this beaker with water to the top. But today she observed that the level of water has decreased. The reason behind this might be:

Model Papers -2 - Question 2

Look at the figure shown below. It is showing the exchange of gases in the leaves at night.

Q. Which pair of arrows correctly shows the exchange of gases in the leaves at night?

Model Papers -2 - Question 3

Which of the following performs photosynthesis in cactus?

Model Papers -2 - Question 4

Which of the following does not need oxygen for respiration?

Model Papers -2 - Question 5

Study the following venn diagram and answer the following question:

Q. Frogs and salamanders can be placed in which part of the above diagram?

Detailed Solution for Model Papers -2 - Question 5

Frogs and salmanders are amphibians, i.e they live on both aquatic and terrestrial environments.

Model Papers -2 - Question 6

Water molecules remain in somewhat definite positions with relatively little motion and vibrate back and forth to a limited extent. This would be characteristic of:

Model Papers -2 - Question 7

Oceans have a huge effect on weather and climate mainly because:

Model Papers -2 - Question 8

What is in the middle of evaporation and precipitation?

Model Papers -2 - Question 9

What blows steadily over long distances in a predictable direction?

Model Papers -2 - Question 10

A long tube that runs from the mouth to the stomach is called the:

Model Papers -2 - Question 11

Which of the following is not directly related to the digestive system?

Model Papers -2 - Question 12

Three things that bones store inside them are:

Model Papers -2 - Question 13

We eat more than one part of which plants?

Model Papers -2 - Question 14

A section of the earth’s crust and mantle that fits together like a puzzle is its:

Model Papers -2 - Question 15

What causes the sun to appear to rise and set?

Model Papers -2 - Question 16

Condensation is:

Model Papers -2 - Question 17

The building blocks of rocks are:

Model Papers -2 - Question 18

Gold is the metal that has the highest ductility and malleability. Which is in the second place?

Model Papers -2 - Question 19

The picture below shows how a pot is made with a lump of clay.

Q. A lump of clay can be moulded to any shape as it has the property of:

Model Papers -2 - Question 20

Lexie twists the cap off the bottle of juice. What type of simple mechine is the cap?

Model Papers -2 - Question 21

Choose the correct prepositions for the following natural phenomenon and fill in the blanks:
From, behind, between

Q. During a solar eclipse, the moon is _______________ the earth and the sun. ________________ the earth, the sun is ________________ the moon.

Model Papers -2 - Question 22

The roofs shown in the above picture:

Model Papers -2 - Question 23

Sanchit stretched a piece of plastic food wrap over a large bowl and secured it firmly in place with a rubber band. He put some green beans on the plastic, then used a spoon to hit the side of the bowl. He saw that the beans bounced all over the plastic producing little tapping noises. Which of the following shows the energy conversions that have taken place?

Model Papers -2 - Question 24

Read the given paragraph.

X and Y are means of transport, which are used for special purposes. X carries fire fighters and their equipment to put out fire, and Y takes sick or injured people to the hospital.
X and Y in the above paragraph are:

Model Papers -2 - Question 25

Select the incorrect statement from the following:

Model Papers -2 - Question 26

Which of these pollute air?

Model Papers -2 - Question 27

Which of these professionals wear uniforms?

Model Papers -2 - Question 28

Look at the following table carefully

Q. Which of the following objects is/are incorrectly classified?

Model Papers -2 - Question 29

This is formed from trees and other plants that died millions of years ago.

Model Papers -2 - Question 30

Study the following diagram and select the correct options for the questions.

I. Which is the gibbous moon out of a, b, c, d,e, and f?
II. Which is the crescent moon?
III. Which labelling is correct?

Detailed Solution for Model Papers -2 - Question 30

Gibbous moon means the phase of the moon in which its illuminated part is greater than a semicircle and less than a circle.

Crescent moon appears early in its first quarter or late in its last quarter, when only a small arc-shaped section of the visible portion is illuminated by the Sun.

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