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Structure Of Atoms

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Structure Of Atoms - Question 1

What will be the correct electronic configuration of an Mg ion?

Detailed Solution for Structure Of Atoms - Question 1

As the configuration of ion is asked, Mg forms ion Mg2+ after losing 2 electrons and so its electronic configuration is 2, 8.

Structure Of Atoms - Question 2

Plum Pudding model was stated by?

Structure Of Atoms - Question 3

Bohr proposed the?

Structure Of Atoms - Question 4

A radioactive isotope that is used to cure cancer?

Detailed Solution for Structure Of Atoms - Question 4

It emmits gamma rays which destroys cancer cells

Structure Of Atoms - Question 5

What are isobars?

Detailed Solution for Structure Of Atoms - Question 5

Isobars are atoms (nuclides) of different chemical elements that have the same number of nucleons. Correspondingly, isobars differ in atomic number (or number of protons) but have the same mass number

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