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What is the poem ‘A Photograph’ about?

Solution: Shirley Toulson's poem 'A Photograph' is a loving tribute to her mother. The poem reflects the passage of time and its three stages. In the first stage, the photograph shows his mother enjoying a holiday on a beach along with her two girl cousins. She was 12 at the time.

When did her mother die?

Solution: The poet's mother was nearly twelve years old when the photograph was clicked. However, there is no mention of what was the age of the poet's mother when she died. All we know is that she has been dead for as long as twelve years now.

Which material was the frame of the photograph made of?

Solution: ‘Cardboard’ refers to the photograph only. In the past photographs used to be fixed on a cardboard and hung from the wall for everyone to see it.

What are the three of them doing in the photograph?

Solution: They removed hair from their face and stood smiling in the shallow water near the beach. Betty and Dolly stood on either side of the poetess's mother, holding one of her hands.

What does ‘Terribly Transient Feet’ mean in the poem?

Solution: Washed their terribly transient feet' Transient means something which is temporary or short-lived. Here, when the author says terribly transient feet, she refers to the ever changing imprints of the feet left on the sea sand. The sea never appears to change but the human life is transient.

What was the favourite memory of her mother?

Solution: The beach holiday was her mother's favourite past memories.

What would the mother show to her daughter while showing her the photograph?

Solution: The poet's mother was cheerful person. She enjoyed her childhood days with her cousins,which is evident in the photograph of the sea holiday that they had once enjoyed. Even after 20 or 30 years,the poet's mother finds happiness in recalling the past by looking at the photograph of the sea holiday with her cousins.

What Oxymoron literary device was used in the poem?


Alliteration in "stood still to smile", "terribly transient" and "silence silences". Transferred Epithet in "Washed their terribly transient feet". Oxymoron in "laboured ease".


How many phases were depicted in the poem by the poet?

Solution: The three stanzas depict three different phases.

What does she feel in the last phase?

Solution: In the last stanza, the poet's adult life is described in which her mother is not with her anymore. She has been dead for almost twelve years. The stanza depicts the poet's looking at the same photograph and recollecting her mother's laughter. The loss of her mother puts her in utter grief.
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