Test: Albert Einstein at School- 3

10 Questions MCQ Test English Class 11 | Test: Albert Einstein at School- 3

Attempt Test: Albert Einstein at School- 3 | 10 questions in 10 minutes | Mock test for Class 11 preparation | Free important questions MCQ to study English Class 11 for Class 11 Exam | Download free PDF with solutions

According to Einstein, learning facts is not ____________.

Solution: Einstein believed learning facts was not education; rather thinking new ideas to solve existing problems was education. For example, instead of learning dates about defeat of the French at Waterloo, he would rather like to learn why those soldiers were trying to kill one another.

How long did Albert’s father want him to attend the school for?

Solution: Albert's father want him to attend the school until he completes his diploma.

Albert Einstein had a friend named ___________.

Solution: Yuri indeed was Albert's true friend. He was Einstein's only source of comfort, help, and relief in Munich. He was his reliable friend. Yuri played a savior's role in Albert's life when he was going through a hard phase of life at Munich.

What was Albert’s cousin’s suggestion to him to help him get through his exams?

Solution: Elsa is Albert's cousin. She normally lives in Berlin where her father has a business. She thinks that one can pass the examination simply by learning things by heart and repeating them in the exams. A student doesn't have to understand what he is taught.

How did Albert Einstein plan to leave the school?

Solution: He decided to get rid of his school by producing a false certificate from a doctor. The doctor was to certify that he had a nervous breakdown. It would serve his purpose. He would not be medically fit to stay in the school.

“He’s not a fool,” Yuri warned Albert. Who is he?

Solution: Ernest weil was a doctor who passed the doctorate just the previous week. He helped Albert Einstein to get rid from the school he studied and never wanted to go as his teachers would always scold him. The work of the doctor was to prove him sick by saying that he was suffering from a nervous problem.

For how long was Albert supposed to stay away from school as per the certificate?

Solution: The doctor agreed to certify that Albert had a nervous breakdown, and he must stay away from school for six months.

How did Albert plan to get into a college?

Solution: Albert hoped to get into an Italian college or institute supported by the recommendation from his mathematics teacher. He planned to ask him to write something about his work and perhaps that would be enough.

Why was Einstein summoned by the head teacher?

Solution: The head teacher had summoned Albert in order to ask him to leave the school. Einstein's refusal to cooperate in the class, behave according to the teacher's dictum and being rebellious was obstructive in the way of carrying out work in the classroom.

Who did Albert Einstein meet before leaving Munich?

Solution: Albert Einstein meet Yuri before leaving Munich because Yuri was a good friend of Albert. Albert told Yuri of his plan to leave school. Yuri told him to go to Dr Ernest Weil to get a medical certificate for the purpose.
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