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Test: Basic Concept - 2

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10 Questions MCQ Test Thermodynamics | Test: Basic Concept - 2

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Test: Basic Concept - 2 - Question 1

 Which of the following aspect is not true regarding microscopic propertie s of thermodynamic system

Test: Basic Concept - 2 - Question 2

Choose the correct statement among the following:

Test: Basic Concept - 2 - Question 3

Match List-I with List-I I and select the correct answer:
A. Interchange of matter is not possible in a
B. Any processes in which the system returns to its original condition or state is called
C. Interchange of matter is possible in a
D. The quantity of matter under consideration in thermodynamics is called

1. Open system
2. System
3. Closed system
4. Cycle

Test: Basic Concept - 2 - Question 4

Which one of the following represents open thermodynamic system?

Test: Basic Concept - 2 - Question 5

A thermodynamic system is considered to be an isolated one if

Test: Basic Concept - 2 - Question 6

A control volume is

Test: Basic Concept - 2 - Question 7

Athermodynamic system refers to

Detailed Solution for Test: Basic Concept - 2 - Question 7

Correct Answer :- d

Explanation : A thermodynamic system is a quantity of matter of fixed identity, around which we can draw a boundary The boundaries may be fixed or moveable. Work or heat can be transferred across the system boundary. Everything outside the boundary is the surroundings.

When working with devices such as engines it is often useful to define the system to be an identifiable volume with flow in and out. This is termed a control volume.

A closed system is a special class of system with boundaries that matter cannot cross. Hence the principle of the conservation of mass is automatically satisfied whenever we employ a closed system analysis. This type of system is sometimes termed a control mass.

Test: Basic Concept - 2 - Question 8

In highly rarefied gases, the concept of this loses validity

Detailed Solution for Test: Basic Concept - 2 - Question 8

The concept of continuum loses validity when the mean free path of the molecules approaches the order of magnitude of the dimension of the vessel. So, in highly rarefied gases the concept of continuum loses its validity.

Test: Basic Concept - 2 - Question 9

Which of the following is an example of heterogeneous system?

Test: Basic Concept - 2 - Question 10

 Consider the following:

  1. Entropy
  2. Viscosity
  3. Temperature
  4. Specific heat at constant volume

Which of the above properties of a system is/are intensive

Detailed Solution for Test: Basic Concept - 2 - Question 10



All measurable characteristics of a system are known as properties.

Eg. Pressure, volume, temperature, etc.

There are two types of properties:

Extensive property

  • Those properties which depend on mass are known as extensive properties.
  • Examples are volume, energy, enthalpy, entropy etc.

Intensive property

  • Those properties which don't depend on mass are known as intensive properties.
  • Examples are pressure, temperature, density, viscosity.
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