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Who is the author of “Birth”?

Solution: Archibald Joseph Cronin was a Scottish novelist, dramatist, and non-fiction writer. He was born on July, 1896 in Dunbartonshire, Scotland, in 1896.

Where did Joe Morgan live?

Solution: Joe Morgan led Andrew to his house, 12, Blaina Terrace. His wife was about to deliver her first child after being married for nearly twenty years.

When Andrew approached, Susan was accompanied by her mother and _________.

Solution: He gave a promise to Joe and his wife that all would be well. But he became nervous to find both the mother and her baby in trouble. He first gave injection to Susan. Next, he lifted the stillborn baby, put him in hot and cold water and pressed the child's chest.

While waiting at Joe’s house, what did Andrew think about?

Solution: Andrew Manson is a young man who has recently qualified as a doctor and started his medical practice as an assistant to Dr Edward Page in the small Welsh mining town of Blaenelly. He is in love with Christine and thinks of marriage as an idyllic state. His heart is overflowing with love. His steady mind and reason help him see the marriages of many persons as dismal failures.

In the dilemma he faced, what did Andrew do?

Solution: Joe Morgan was a driller in Blaenelly, a mining town. He was a big, strong and heavy middle-aged person. Joe and his wife Susan, who had been married nearly twenty years, were expecting their first child. Joe was waiting for the doctor to help Susan in the delivery of the child.

What did Andrew remember about Samaritan?

Solution: Andrew had once seen a similar case in the Samaritan. He remembered the treatment that had been used. He at once decided to administer the hot and cold water therapy.

After trying for fifteen minutes, Andrew felt ________.

Solution: After trying for fifteen minutes, Andrew felt hopeless. The treatment Andrew applied was a special method which required a blanket, two basins one filled with icy cold water and the other one with hot water. Hewrapped the baby in the blanket and juggled the baby in both the basins to bring the respiration.

How long did it take for Andrew’s efforts to yield results?

Solution: The young doctor Andrew Manson had done a commendable work. His exclamation is justified. He had not only helped the middle-aged lady in the safe delivery of a male child but also restored them to perfect health. Susan Morgan’s strength was ebbing after the delivery. She was almost pulse less. Andrew gave her an injection and worked severely to strengthen her heart.

The major achievement of Andrew was to resuscitate the stillborn child. First, he laid the child of a blanket and began the special method of respiration. Then he tried the hot and cold water treatment dipping the baby alternately. He laboured in vain for half an hour. He then made another last effort. He rubbed the child with a rough towel. He went on pressing and releasing the baby’s little chest with both his hands. At last the baby responded. His chest heaved. Andrew redoubled his efforts. The child was gasping now. A bubble of mucus came from his tiny nostril. The pale skin turned pink. His limbs became hard. Then came the child’s cry.


Why did Andrew get oblivious to all the work he had done in Blaenelly?

Solution: Andrew Manson had just begun his medical practice in the small Welsh mining town of Blaenelly. He was called in to attend to Susan Morgan, who was expecting her first child after being married for nearly twenty years. Her husband, Joe Morgan had been waiting for an hour outside the closed surgery. It was nearly midnight when Andrew reached there. As Joe acquainted Andrew with his wife’s condition, Andrew forgot his own affairs. He went inside his house for his bag and immediately left for the driller’s place. Since his services were not immediately needed by the expecting mother, he decided to wait downstairs. He re-examined her after an hour. It was at 3:30 am when the nurse summoned him. He struggled for an hour before the child was born. Then he worked feverishly to revive the weak mother and the stillborn child. He had to use all his knowledge and experience in discharging his duty. He did not pay attention to his own physical tiredness or mental tension. Duty came first and he responded to it with single-minded devotion.

Why is the lesson named “Birth”?

Solution: The theme of the story revolves around the efforts being put in by medical practitioners in treating their patients. Andrew, the protagonist, is dealing with a critical medical birth case. Unfortunately, the baby born is lifeless.
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