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This a MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) based practice test of Chapter 4 - Business Services of Business Studies of Class XI (11) for the quick revision/preparation of School Board examinations

Q  DTH services are provided by ________


The benefits of public warehousing includes_______


A public warehouse is a business that provides short or long-term storageto companies on a month-to-month basis. The public warehouse is not only a facility where a company can store their products, but the public warehouse offers inventory management, physical inventory counts and shipping functionality. The major benefits of private warehousing include control, flexibility, cost, and other intangible benefits.


Which of the following is not a function of General Insurance


Insuring anything other than human life is called general insurance. Examples are insuring property like house and belongings against fire and theft or vehicles against accidental damage or theft. Injury due to accident or hospitalization for illness and surgery can also be insured. Your liabilities to others arising out of the law can also be insured and is compulsory in some cases like motor third party insurance.


Which of the following is not applicable in life insurance contract?


The Contracts of Indemnity has been defined as: "A Contract whereby one party promises to save the other from loss caused to him by the conduct of the promisor himself or by the conduct of any other person, is called a contract of indemnity." The term is often used in business contracts and in insurance.
But it is not used in life insurance because the loss is not caused by any other party.


CWC stands for_______.


CWC stands for Central Warehousing Corporation which is a premier Warehousing Agency in India.


Which of the following is covered under life Assurance policy?


As a part of financial planning, term insurance is one of the popular choices to choose. We make financial plans to secure a better future for ourselves and, even more so, for our family in case of certain unforeseen situations or events. Even though term insurance is one of the most sought-after financial tools for future planning, that helps to eliminate uncertainties and distress for near and dear ones, it also comes with certain conditions that vary from one insurance provider to another. Though term insurance is typically meant to cover death, there are certain types of death that are not covered under it. Also, there are certain situations where coverage is subject to some clauses.Money Back Policy.


In which year Children's Money Back plan was introduced?


In which year Insurance Act was amended in India?


AN INSURANCE company has been defined as a company (amendment to Insurance Act, 1938, Section 2 clause 7A(c)) whose sole purpose is to carry on life insurance business or general insurance business or re-insurance business.


Which one is the principle of insurance


Insurance is a co-operation device. If one person is providing for his own losses, it cannot be strictly insurance because in insurance, the loss is shared by a group of persons who are willing to co-operate.


The study of communication through touch is ________.


Haptic communication is a branch of nonverbal communication that refers to the ways in which people and animals communicate and interact via the sense of touch. 

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