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Consider steady-state equimolar counterdiffusion through the converging-diverging tube. Given: r1=1cm; r2=2cm; NA=10-6 kmol/m2.s at the vessel 1 end of the tube. The rate of transport of B at the vessel 2 end of the tube is 


 Two large vessels containing gaseous mixture of A and B at different concentrations but at the same total pressure are connected by a tapered tube of length 15cm and end diameters 1cm and 4 cm. what should be the diameter of a cylinderical tube of the same length that allows the same rate of transport of A?


At which point of the following locations inthe tapered tube of the previous problem is the magnitude of the flux maximum?


Equimolar counterdiffusion of A and B occurs through a spherical film of i.d=ri and thickness δ. The flux of A is NA1 at r=ri. The flux through a flat film of the same thickness is NA2. if NA1 is larger than NA2 by 5%, the film thickness δ is 


A napthelene hemisphere is placed on a glass plate and a napthelene ball of identical diameter is kept suspended in the stagnant air in two large rooms. The respective shapes of the ball are maintained while they sublime and reduce in size. Which of the following statements are true in this connection?


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