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Which of the following substances are not present in the initial filtrate of nephron?


Filtering unit of kidney is nephron. Platelets are present in the muscle part only and not in the initial filtrate .


Which of the following products are reabsorbed in the tubular part of nephron?


Through PCT, glucose is reabsorbed in tubular part of nephron.


Gaseous waste in plants is removed through:


Each organ of plant exchange gases:

  • Leaves exchange gases by stomata
  • Roots through the diffusion of gases present in the soil
  • Plants with green stem exchange gases through stomata present on their stem
  • Those plants that didn't have green stems or stomata on their stem exchange gases through lenticels.


In plants, waste product is stored is the form of:


The plants secrete many materials as the by-products of reactions and metabolic processes:

  • Sometimes these are stored in old and aging tissues like the xylem
    Example: Resins, and gums
  • Latex is a yellowish, brown-colored liquid that is an emulsion and used in wound healing. It is secreted from the plants.

Thus, option C is correct.


The cup shaped structure inside kidney that helps in the filtration of blood is called:


Bowman’s capsule is a cup-shaped structure that contains a tuft of capillaries that help in the filtration of blood.

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