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The government would not____________to the demands of the strikers.


Accede — agree to some demand or request.


Which of the pairs given in options follows the same relation as it does in the given example?
Etymology : words


Etymology is study of origin of words.
Similarly, paleontology is the study of fossil of ancient animals and plants.


Find out the correct option which can be replaced in place of the underlined word in the given sentence. The mobile phone has totally changed the communication technology like no other previous technology ?x`


When something changes the way totally as compared to what it was before, then revolution is the correct choice of what.

*Answer can only contain numeric values

A committee of 4 is to be formed among 4 girls and 5 boys. The probability that the committee will have number of boys less than number of girls i s _______ . (Round off to three decimal places)


Selection of 1 boy and 3 gills in 5C1 x 4C3 = 5 x 4 = 20 ways
Selection of 4 girls and no boy in 5C0 x 4C4 =1x1 = 1 way
Therefore, n(E) = total number of ways = 21
Without any restriction, a committee of 4 can be formed from among 4 girls and 5 boys in



What least number must be subtracted from 1936 so that the remainder when divided by 9.10,15 will leave in each case the same remainder unseen 7?


The L.C.M. of 9.10 and 15 = 90.
On dividing 1936 by 90. the remainder = 46.
But 7 is also a pait of this remainder. Therefore, the required number = 46 - 7 = 39.


Find out which of the above parts of the sentence is grammatically incorrect and mark corresponding part as your answer and if it is correct, then mark :no error' (d) as your answer ?


Reach a place is correct like reach home. No preposition is necessary.

*Answer can only contain numeric values

There were 35 students in a hostel. If the number of students increases by 7. the expenses of the mess increase by Rs. 42 per day while die average expenditure per head diminishes by Rs. 1. The original expenditure of the mess is___________Rs . (The answer should be an integer)


Suppose the average expenditure was ? x.
Then total expenditure = 35x. When 7 more students join the mess, total expenditure = 35*+42.
Now. the average expenditure = 
Now, we have 
or, 35x+ 42 = 42x - 42
or, 7x = 84
Therefore, x = l 2
Thus the original expenditure of the mess = 35x12 = Rs. 420.


A person sells his table at a profit of  and the chair at a loss of  but on the whole he gains Rs. 25. On tiie other hand if he sells the table at a loss of and the chair at a profit of then he neither gains nor loses. Find the cost price of the table ?


Suppose the cost price of a table = Rs. T and cost price of a chair = Rs. C.

.......... (i)



Given below is the graph which shows consumption of tea and coffee of a office in hundred dining die first six working days of January.

By what percentage highest consumption of tea is less than the highest consumption of coffee?


Highest consumption of tea is on Monday=32 
Highest consumption of coffee on Tuesday = 34
Therefore, difference = 34 - 32 = 2
Therefore, percentage = 


A person asked for a particular address to four persons and the following were the answers. A said, You may go to any one of west, south, north-east.
B said, do not go west, north-east or south-west.
C said, not to go to east, south and north-east.
D advised not to go to east, north, north-east.
If the decession is taken by the majority of advice then which direction should the person go.



Find out which of the above parts of the sentence is grammatically incorrect and mark corresponding part as


Exceed is not followed by more.


Which of the words given in options will come in blank space which follows the same relation as it does in the given example?
Ebullient: depressed :: impetuous :___________?


Antonyms are given here.
Ebullient means confident and energetic.
Impetuous means done Harshly without thinking. Opposite is cautious.


Excluding the stopages. the speed of a train is 48 km/hr and including the stopages the speed is 40 km/hr for how much minute a train stops in each station if there are 5 stations in each hours journey.


It covers (48 - 40) = 8 km less in an hour.
Hence, total stopping time in a hour = 
As total stations 5. therefore in each station it stops for 2 minutes.


Find out the appropriate preposition which should come in the blank space ?
He wrote the letter______a pen but Ram write it______pencil.


As ‘a pen’ is used as instrument as a' is there before pen so with is appropriate use but pencil is used in general sense and no preposition is there so ‘in' is the appropriate one.


In a hostel, the warden took 1/4th of the cake and he had 3 times as much as each of the students. The total number of people in the hostel is


Let total cake = 1 part.
Therefore, warden had = 1 /4th part, and remaining = 3/4th part.
Now, if number of students=x, then each student gets = 3/4xpart.
Now, as per condition, 
Therefore, total people = warden + 9 = 10

*Answer can only contain numeric values

In a potluck party ever/ two members used a pot of rice between them ever/ three member used a pot of curry among them and a pot of paneer among four of them, if altogether 65 pots were there, then the total number of members in the party was ____________.


L.C.M . of 2,3,4 = 12.
Therefore, for 12 people rice pot = 12/2 = 6
Therefore, for 12 people curry pot = 12/3 = 4
Therefore, for 12 people paneer pot = 12/4 = 3
Therefore, for each set of 12 people.
Total of = (6 + 4 + 3) = 13 pot used. Therefore. 13 pot for 12 people. Therefore. 1 pot for 12/13 people.
Therefore, 65 pot for 12/13 x 65 = 60 people.


A mechanic had to cut a number of metal sheet pieces from a roll of sheet metal. He cut each roll of equal length into 10 pieces. He cut at a rate of 45 cuts in a minute. How many rolls would be cut in a time of 24 minutes?


1 cut makes 2 pieces
2 cut makes 3 pieces
Therefore, 9 cut makes 10 peices
Therefore, 45 cut makes 10 / 9 x 45 = 50 pieces
Now, 10 pieces obtained from 1 roll, and 50 pieces obtained from 1/ 10 x 50 = 5 roll.
Now, in 1 minute 5 rolles are cut. and in 24 minutes 5 x 24 rolles are cut =120.

*Answer can only contain numeric values

If  = 3, then value of x60 + 1 / x60 = ____________?



In the triangle given below DE||BC and AD: DB = 2:3, then what is the ratio of area of ΔADE: □ BCED ?


If AD : DB = 2:3
Therefore, if AD = 2x. then AB = 5x.
Area is propoitional to die square of tlie length of side,
i.e.. area ΔADE = 4x2. area ΔABC= 25x2
Therefore, area ΔADE : □ BCDE
= 4 : area ΔABC, area AADE
= 4 : 25 - 4 = 4:21


Find out the proper meaning of the idiom given below:
To hold water


To hold water means to sound logical.

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