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A micro controller at-least should consist of:


A micro controller must consists of a processor as its CPU with some additional peripherals like RAM, ROM, serial and parallel ports, timers etc.


 Unlike micro processors, micro controllers make use of batteries because they have:


Micro Controllers are made by using the concept of VLSI technology. So here, CMOS based logic gates are coupled together by this technique that consumes low power.


What is the order decided by a processor or the CPU of a controller to execute an instruction?


While any instruction is being executed, a micro controller first fetches the instruction (captures its operand and operator). After capturing it converts these operand and operators into their corresponding hex codes. Hence after this, instruction can be executed as now it is in the form of 0’s and 1’s (the format understood by a micro controller).


How are micro controllers classified on the basic of internal bus width?


 A micro controller is classified as a 4 bit micro controller if it executes a nibble at a time. It is called an 8 bit controller if it executes a byte at a time and is called 16 or 32 bit controller if it executes 2 and 4 bytes at a time respectively.


How is the performance and the computer capability affected by increasing its internal bus width?


As the bus width increases, the number of bits carried by the bus at a time increases as a result of which the total performance and computer capability increases.


Abbreviate CISC and RISC.


CISC means Complete Instruction Set Computer because in this a micro controller has an instruction set that supports many addressing modes for the arithmetic and logical instructions, data transfer and memory accesses instructions. RISC means Reduced Instruction Set Computer because here a micro controller has an instruction set that supports fewer addressing modes for the arithmetic and logical instructions and for data transfer instructions.


Give the names of the buses present in a controller for transferring data from one place to another?


There are 3 buses present in a micro controller they are data bus (for carrying data from one place to another), address bus (for carrying the address to which the data will flow) and the control bus (which tells the controller to execute which type of work at that address may be it read or write operation).


What is the file extension that is loaded in a micro controller for executing any instruction?


Micro controllers are loaded with .hex extension as they understand the language of 0’s and 1’s only.


 What are the most appropriate criterion for choosing the right micro controller of our choice?


 For choosing the right micro controller for our product we must consider its speed so that the instructions may be executed in the least possible time. It also depends on the availability so that the particular product may be available in our neighboring regions or market in our need. It also depends on the compatibility with the product so that the best results may be obtained.


Why micro controllers are not called general purpose devices?


They are not called general purpose because they are not meant to do a single work at a time.

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