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The story develops because

Solution: The story develops because the school fee could not be collected on the fixed day as the teacher who collected fees was on leave.


The child was tempted to buy jalebis but while returning from school

Solution: The child was tempted to buy jalebis but while returning from school he controlled his greed.


What made the child control his greed for jalebis at first ?

Solution: The child controlled his greed for jalebis at first because he was afraid of his teacher and the punishment.


“The coins were so eager to be spent that day,” says the child. In fact

Solution: “The coins were so eager to be spent that day,” says the child. In fact the child was becoming greedy.


What happened when the child was buying jalebis ?

Solution: When the child was buying the jalebis he saw his chacha jaan returning from the court.


The next day I did the same thing. I got dressed and left home, went up to the school gate and then turned off to the railway station. Under the same tree I sat and began to say the same prayers. I repeatedly pleaded, Allah miyan! At least give it to me today. Today is the second day. Then I said, “All right come, let’s play a game. I will go from here to that signal. You secretly place four rupees under this big rock. I will touch the signal and come back. What fun it will be if I pick up the rock and find four rupees underneath!

I went up to the signal and returned smilling finally after saying. Bismillah, when I lifted up the rock, a big hairy worm got up. I screamed and ran away.

So, are you ready? I am going towards the signal. One-two-three.”

What did he find under the rock?


He found a hairy worm and four rupees under the rock.




What happened as a result of eating jalebis?

Solution: As he spent all his money on jalebis he was not left with money to pay the fees, he was scared and moved out of the school for the first time.


Where did he reach as a result of continuous walking?

Solution: He reached Kambelpur railway station by continuous walking.


What did he thank God for, that night?

Solution: He was already suffering from stomach ache because he ate jalebis worth rupee one and he thanked god for not having to eat four rupees’ worth of jalebis by himself


Very quickly, boys from the entire neighbourhood assembled in the gali. By that time I was so pleased with my stomach full of jalebis that I got into the mood for some fun. I started handing out jalebis to the children around. Delighted they ran off, jumping and screaming, into the galis. Soon a whole lot of other children appeared, probably having heard the good news from the others. I dashed to the halwai and bought one more rupee’s worth of jalebis, came back and stood on the chabutara of one of the houses, liberally distributing jalebis to the children just like the Governor saheb used to distribute rice to the poor and needy on Independence day. By now there was a huge mob of children around me. The beggars too launched an assault! If children could be elected to the Assembly, my success would have been assured that day. Because one little signal from my jalebi-wielding hand and the mob would have been willing to kill and get killed for me. I bought jalebis for the remaining two rupees as well and distributed them. Then I washed my hands and mouth at the public tap and returned home, putting on such an innocent face, as if I hadn’t even seen the hint of a jalebi all my Jalebis 67 life. Jalebis I had gobbled up easily enough, but digesting them became another matter. With every breath came a burp, and with every burp, the danger of bringing out a jalebi or two — the fear was killing me. At night I had to eat my dinner as well. If I hadn’t eaten I would have been asked to explain why I did not want any food, and if I had pretended illness the doctor would have been summoned and if the doctor, after feeling my pulse, had declared, Munna has devoured a mound of jalebis, I would simply die.

Which fear was killing him?


He was scared of burping out a jalebi or two.




What did he feel like when he distributed the jalebis?

Solution: He felt like Governor Saheb when he distributed the jalebis.


“One rupee fetched more than _____ rupees does nowadays.”

Solution: “One rupee fetched more than twenty rupees does nowadays.”


What were the coins keen about that day?

Solution: The coins were keen about being spent.


As a result of which standard’s examination, did he win a scholarship?

Solution: As a result of the fourth standard’s examination,he won a scholarship.


Who said, “kissa khatam, paisa hazam”?

Solution: The oldest coin said “kissa khatam, paisa hazam”. This means the end of the story.


What did he do to make the coins silent?

Solution: He clenched the coins in his fist to make them silent.


What felt like a sin?

Solution: Looking at something in the bazaar felt like a sin.


What do coins usually do?

Solution: The coins usually jingle.


Which standard was he in, back then?

Solution: The boy was in fifth standard back then.


Who is the writer of the lesson Jalebis?


The chapter is written by Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi and translated from urdu by Sufiya Pathan.

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