Test: Matter In Our Surroundings (Medium)

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*Multiple options can be correct

Meena experimented, as shown below. When she pushed the bottle into the basin of water, she could see bubbles escaping from the rubber tube into the beaker of water. What can she infer from her Experiment?


As Meena pushes the bottle, the water level in the bottle increases and air present in the bottle gets pushed into the tube, which is bubbled out from the beaker. This experiment proves that air and water occupy some space, and only one matter can occupy space at any time.


With Increase Of Temperature, which of these changes


The fraction of solute present in water as temperature concentration in water will decrease; hence, the fraction of solute present in water changes.


Which of the following is not the characteristic for the matter?


The matter is affected by the inertia. Inertia is the tendency of the matter to be in a state of rest or motion. Example: The book on the desk remains in rest position utilities picked up from the desk. Thus It Is Showing Inertia.


Water stored in earthen pots become cool in summer because:


The water kept in an earthen pot main cool even in summer because of the earthen pot as many small holes. Water seeps out through them and evaporates from the surface of the pot. The energy needed for evaporation is taken from the water kept in the earthen pot. As a result, water kept in earthen pot become cool.


Which of the following information regarding the tube is correct?


If the tube has been open on both sides, the mercury will fall, so that is not the case. Also, the pressure will increase slightly because of the weight of mercury. So the tube must be closed at both the ends.


On Increasing Temperature, the rate of diffusion


On the increasing temperature, the diffusion rate increases as the kinetic energy of matter increases and more intermixing of matter occurs.


Intermolecular space is the least?

*Multiple options can be correct

Venu blows into the straw, as shown above. What will be observed?


When Venu blows the straw, he applies pressure by pushing air into which form air bubbles water, the pressure in the basin increases and the water level in the beaker increases.The air bubbles formed in the water escape into the beaker.


A volatile liquid_____


A volatile liquid one that evaporates or evaporates quickly at room temperature. Volatile Liquids Have a low boiling point. As a result, they evaporate very easily at room temperature.


Which of the following is a surface phenomenon?

Solution: Evaporation is the process of a substance in a liquid state changing to a gaseous state due to an increase in temperature and/or pressure. Evaporation is a fundamental part of the water cycle and is constantly occurring throughout nature.


Freezing point of pure water is:

Solution: Water freezes at temperatures below 273 kelvins. Water boils at 373 kelvins. ... The "size" of a one-degree change in temperature is the same in the Celsius and Kelvin scales, so the freezing point of water is at a temperature of 273.15 kelvins (that is, 273.15 degrees above absolute zero).


During summer water kept in an earthen pot becomes cool because of the phenomena of

Solution: The earthen pot and water hence lose heat, making the water inside the pot cool. This evaporation of water produces a cooling effect. Some of the heat energy that is generated is used in the process of evaporation. Hence, water stored in earthen pots tends to become cooler in summer.


Which of the following conditions will increase the evaporation of water?

Solution: Increasing the temperature of a body of water also often increases evaporation. This is because as the temperature rises, the water molecules begin moving about more rapidly. This increases the odds that molecules will escape.


When a burner supplies heat to boiling water, then the temperature of the water during vaporization

Solution: Temperature of the water during vaporization does not change because the heat is used in overcoming particle-particle attraction forces, which keeps the temperature constant.


A gas can be liquefied by

Solution: On increasing pressure, the volume of the gas decreases which brings gaseous molecules together and decreases the space between them and on decreasing the temperature the kinetic energy of the molecules decreases and forces of attraction between them increases and thus, gas can be converted into liquid.


A liquid boils at 100°C. Its temperature can also be expressed as

Solution: 273 + 100 = 373 K.


The three states of water; ice, water and steam can be arranged in the decreasing order of interparticle forces as

Solution: Particles in a gas are well separated with no regular arrangement. Liquids are close together with no regular arrangement. Solids are tightly packed, usually in a regular pattern.


When water solidifies to ice, then heat is

Solution: When water solidifies to ice, heat is liberated into surroundings. Reason: The process of converting liquid to ice is called freezing. During freezing, the energy lost by water molecules is gained by the surrounding molecules.


Evaporation decreases by

Solution: Generally, when temperature and humidity are constant, and wind speed increases, the evaporation rate increases as well. When temperature and wind speed are constant, but humidity increases, the rate of evaporation will decrease.


Which of the following states has maximum energy?

Solution: The motion particles in steam are fastest. And the energy due to virtue of motion of particles is Kinetic energy. water uses the heat and forms steam ice is in solid phase thus no motion in particles water is a liquid in which has the slower speed of particles than of gas like steam

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