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Q  The three R’s to save the environment are


The three R's – reduce, reuse and recycle. It all help to cut down on the amount of waste thrown away. 
They conserve natural resources, landfill space and energy. Plus, the three R's save land and money communities must use to dispose of waste in landfills.


Which aspect of management is concerned with the end result?


 Effectiveness in management is concerned with doing the right task/completing activities/achieving goals within the prescribed time. In other words, it is concerned with end results.


The following is not an objective of management:


The objectives of management are organizational, social & personal. Policy making comes under planning which is one of the function of management.


Policy formulation is the function of:


They are the ones, responsible for developing the policies and goals for the organization. On the other hand, middle level managers interpret these policies in terms of plans and objectives and works towards implementing them with the help of the operational management. The operational management as per the instructions of the middle management directly oversees the actual work process.


Coordination is:


Coordination is the force that binds all the other functions of management. It is however, the essence of management, for achieving harmony among individual efforts towards the accomplishment of group goals. 


A good manager synchronises all the activities of different departments through:


Coordination is not a separate function of management but it is the essence of management. Any organization has different types of department. All These departments have their own set of work,while doing this work, there is high probability of some clashes,and that's the time we need coordination. Management synchronizes the activity of different departments and individuals towards the achievement of organizational goal.


Under what function of management, policies and strategies are formulated?


Policies and strategies are formulated under planning which is a function of management. Planning is deciding in advance what to do, how to do when to do, and who is to do it. Planning involves setting objective sand developing appropriate courses of action to achieve these objectives.


The possibilities of inadequate profits or even losses due to uncertainties are known as ____________


Business risk is the uncertainty of profit due to various seen and unforeseen causes when there is inadequate profit or even losses its because of some such causes which itself is business risk.


Middle level management consists of :


Middle level management is the link between top and lower level managers. So middle level manager consist of finance manager. President and chairman are a part of top level management and a supervisor comes under operational or supervisory level.


Which of the following is not an example of non-economic activity?


Non-economic activities are those activities which do not generate any income or money while they are carried out. Patriotism, sentiment, sympathy are all emotions, feelings of an individual whereas teaching is an activity which involves money transfer after it is carried out (unless it is intentionally carried out without any pay). Because a teacher gets salary for teaching, it is not an example of non-economic activity.

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