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This a MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) based practice test of Chapter 4 - Planning of Business of Business Studies of Class XII (12) for the quick revision/preparation of School Board examinations

Q  No Smoking in the factory? comes under?


No Smoking in Factory comes under Rules.Rules are specific statements that inform what is to be done. They do not allow for any flexibility or discretion. It reflects a managerial coercion that a certain action must or must not be taken.


Planning leads to rigidity is a


Planning leads to rigidity: Once plans are made to decide the future course of action the manager may not be in a position to change them. Following a predefined plan when circumstances are changed may not bring positive results for the organisation. This kind of rigidity in plan may create difficulty.


Main purpose of Rule is:


General rule is a rule that is applicable to a class of cases or circumstances. It can also be formal order or direction made by a court, as for governing the procedure of the court or a general norm mandating or guiding conduct or action in a given type of situation. 

School rules are usually associated with classroom management and school discipline.According to the students, relational rules are the most important in school. Students also value protecting and structuring rules as important because of the meaning giving to them.


Which of the following is not a feature of planning?


Panning is a time consuming process because it involves collection of information, it’s analysis and interpretation thereof. This entire process takes a lot of time specially where there are a number of alternatives available.


What to do and how to do is concerned with______


Planning is ascertaining prior to what to do and how to do. It is one of the primary managerial duties. Before doing something, the manager must form an opinion on how to work on a specific job. Hence, planning is firmly correlated with discovery and creativity.


Making decisions on the basis of experience, feelings and accumulated judgement is called as __________.


Hiring only University trained engineers is an example of ____________


Policy refers to the general guidelines that brings uniformity in the decion making to accomplish predetermined goal. here, the policy is to bring only trained engineers.


Choice of advertising media is concerned with


Selection of employees is _____________ of the business


Which of the following is an assumption of rationality to rational decision making?


Rational decision making is a multi-step process for making choices between alternatives. The process of rational decision-making favors logic, objectivity, and analysis over subjectivity and insight. The word “rational” in this context does not mean sane or clear-headed as it does in the colloquial sense.
The rational model also assumes:
1. An individual has full and perfect information on which to base a choice.
2. Measurable criteria exist for which data can be collected and analyzed.
3. An individual has the cognitive ability, time, and resources to evaluate each alternative against the others.