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Test: Surveying- 4 - Question 1

While doing levelling in undulating terrain, it is preferable to set the level on

Test: Surveying- 4 - Question 2

If the horizontal distance between the staff point and the point of observation is d, then the errordue to curvature of earth is proportional to

Test: Surveying- 4 - Question 3

Select the correct statement.

Test: Surveying- 4 - Question 4

Dumpy level is most suitable when

Test: Surveying- 4 - Question 5

An imaginary line lying throughout the surface of ground and preserving a constant inclination tothe horizontal is known as

Test: Surveying- 4 - Question 6

Select the correct statement.

Test: Surveying- 4 - Question 7

A series of closely spaced controur lines represents a

Test: Surveying- 4 - Question 8

Direct method of contouring is

Test: Surveying- 4 - Question 9

Which of the following methods of contouring is most suitable for a hilly terrain ?

Test: Surveying- 4 - Question 10

Closed contours, with higher value in wards, represent a

Test: Surveying- 4 - Question 11

Benchmark is eastablished by

Test: Surveying- 4 - Question 12

The size of a plane table is

Test: Surveying- 4 - Question 13

The process of determining the locatins of the instrument station by drawing resectors from the locations of the known stations is called

Test: Surveying- 4 - Question 14

The methods used for locating the plane table stations are
1. radiation
2. traversing
3. intersection
4. resection

The correct answer is

Test: Surveying- 4 - Question 15

If in a closed traverse, the sum of the north latitudes and also the sum of west departures ismore than the sum of the east departures, the bearing of the closing line is in the

Test: Surveying- 4 - Question 16

Consider the following assumptions of Bowditch Method:
1. Error in linear measurements are proportional to √l
Correction to latitude or departure of anyside = Total error in L (or) D x Length of that side / Perimeter of traverse
3. Angular Measurements are more precise than linear Measurements
4. Linear Measurements are more precise than angular measurements

Detailed Solution for Test: Surveying- 4 - Question 16

Bowditchs rule is used to balance a traverse when the linear and angular measurements are equally precise.It is assumed that angular and linear meaurements errors are proportional to 1/√L and √L respectively.

Test: Surveying- 4 - Question 17

The number of horizontal cross wires in a stadia iaphragm is

Test: Surveying- 4 - Question 18

The multiplying constant of a theodolite is

Test: Surveying- 4 - Question 19

For a tacheometer the additive and multiplying constants are respectively

Test: Surveying- 4 - Question 20

The radial offset at a distance X from the point of commencement of curve of radius R is given

Test: Surveying- 4 - Question 21

If r is the radius of curvature at any point of a transition curve and l is the distance from thebeginning of the transition curve to that point, then for ideal transition

Test: Surveying- 4 - Question 22

If the long chord and tangent length of a circular curve of radius R are equal the angle of deflection, is

Test: Surveying- 4 - Question 23

The relationship between tropical year TY ad sidereal year SY is

Test: Surveying- 4 - Question 24

When the wind effect is not considered during flight planning, the result is a

Test: Surveying- 4 - Question 25

100.Setting out of bridges involves determination of
1. length of centre line
2. height of piers
3. direction of centre line
4. position of piers
Of these statements

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