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The area enclosed by velocity-time graph and the time axis will be equal to the magnitude of

Solution: The area of velocity-time graph give us displcement

The area under speed-time graph represents a physical quantity which has the unit of?


Area under a s-t graph represents a physical quantity which is Distance.
Area under the s-t graph will always give distance.
And distance has a unit of m.


The acceleration of an object moving in a straight line can be determined from:


The slope of velocity- time graph represents the acceleration. Since straight line is inclined to the time axis, slope is uniform  and constant, acceleration will be uniform.


The area under a velocity-time graph is represented by the unit:

The area under the velocity-time graph gives the distance (magnitude of displacement) which has the unit: metre (m)


If the speed-time graph is a straight line parallel to the time axis, then the body is

Solution: It is in uniform motion because it is travelling equal distances in equal intervals of time

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