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BITSAT Physics Test - JEE MCQ

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40 Questions MCQ Test BITSAT Mock Tests Series & Past Year Papers 2024 - BITSAT Physics Test

BITSAT Physics Test for JEE 2024 is part of BITSAT Mock Tests Series & Past Year Papers 2024 preparation. The BITSAT Physics Test questions and answers have been prepared according to the JEE exam syllabus.The BITSAT Physics Test MCQs are made for JEE 2024 Exam. Find important definitions, questions, notes, meanings, examples, exercises, MCQs and online tests for BITSAT Physics Test below.
Solutions of BITSAT Physics Test questions in English are available as part of our BITSAT Mock Tests Series & Past Year Papers 2024 for JEE & BITSAT Physics Test solutions in Hindi for BITSAT Mock Tests Series & Past Year Papers 2024 course. Download more important topics, notes, lectures and mock test series for JEE Exam by signing up for free. Attempt BITSAT Physics Test | 40 questions in 50 minutes | Mock test for JEE preparation | Free important questions MCQ to study BITSAT Mock Tests Series & Past Year Papers 2024 for JEE Exam | Download free PDF with solutions
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BITSAT Physics Test - Question 1

n identical cells each of e.m.f. E and internal resistance r are connected in series. An external resistance R is connected in series to this combination. The current through R is

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 2

The efficiency of transformer is very high because

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 3

The first line of Balmer series has wavelength 6563 Å. What will be the wavelength of the first member of Lyman series

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 4

The wavelength 'λ' for a particle with momentum p

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 5

A galvanometer of 10 ohm resistance give full scale deflection with 0.01 ampere of current. It is to be converted into an ammeter for measuring 10 ampere current. The value of shunt resistance required will be

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 6

Energy generation in stars is mainly due to

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 7

Which of the following statements is correct

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 8

Transformers are used in

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 9

Van de Graaff electrostatic generator is based on

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 10

The electrical conductivity of the earth's atmosphere increases with altitude due to

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 11

A satellite which is geostationary in a particular orbit is taken to another orbit. Its distance from the centre of earth in new orbit is 2 times that of the earlier orbit. The time period in the second orbit is

Detailed Solution for BITSAT Physics Test - Question 11

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 12

A body takes 1 1/3 times as much time to slide down a rough inclined plane as it takes to slide down an identical but smooth inclined plane. If the angle of inclination of the inclined plane is 45o, the coefficient of friction is

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 13

If a liquid is heated in weightlessness, the heat is transmitted through

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 14

Absolute zero is the condition at which

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 15

A straight wire of diameter 0.5 mm carrying a current of 1 A is replaced by another wire of 1 mm diameter carrying the same current. The strength of magnetic field far away is

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 16

Which of the following instruments is used to measure magnetic field ?

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 17

A square plate of 0.1 m side moves parallel to another plate with a velocity of 0.1 m-s⁻1, both plates being immersed in viscous liquid. If the viscous force is 0.02 N and the coefficient of viscosity is 1 poise, then distance between the plates is

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 18

Raindrops are falling from a certain height. Assume all raindrops are spherical and have same drag coefficient. The impact speed of large raindrops compared to that of small raindrops is

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 19

A uniform plank of Young's modulus Y, is moved over a smooth horizontal surface by a constant horizontal force F. The area of cross-section of plank is A. The compressive strain on the plank in the direction of the force is

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 20

A ball is dropped downwards. After 1 second another ball is dropped downwards from the same point. What is the distance between them after 3 seconds

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 21

Two quantities A and B have different dimensions. Which of the following operation is correct?

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 22

A bullet is fired from a gun with a velocity of 1000 m−s⁻1 in order to hit a target 100 m away. At what height above the target should the gun be aimed? (Resistance of air is negligible and g = 10 m−s⁻2)

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 23

If the tension in the cable of 1000 kg elevator is 1000 kg weight, the elevator

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 24

Presbyopia arises due to

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 25

If a simple pendulum oscillates with an amplitude 50 mm and time period of 2 s, then its maximum velocity, is

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 26

A train is moving with a constant velocity.If a pendulum is hanging from its roof, then its time period will

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 27

When red glass is heated in dark room, it will seem

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 28

If a solid spherical ball is rolling on a horizontal table, the ratio of its rotational kinetic energy to the total energy is

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 29

Three rods each of length L and mass M are placed along X, Y and Z axes in such a way that one end of each of the rod is at the origin. The moment of inertia of this system about Z axis is

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 30

A boy stands over the centre of a horizontal platform which is rotating freely with a speed of 2 revolutions/sec about a vertical axis through the centre of the platform and straight up through the boy. He holds 2 kg masses in each of his hands close to his body. The combined moment of inertia of the systam is 1 kg*metre2. The boy now stretches his arms so as to hold the masses far from his body. In this situation the moment of inertia of the system increases to 2 kg*metre2. The kinetic energy of the system in the latter case as compared with that in the previous case will

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 31

When a current is passed through a junction of two dissimilar metals, heat is evolved or absorbed at the junction. This process is called

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 32

A scientists says that the efficiency of his heat engine which works at source temperature 127oC and sink temperature 27oC, is 26%

Detailed Solution for BITSAT Physics Test - Question 32

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 33

A mountain climber finds that water boils at 80oC. The temperature of this boiling water on Fahrenheit scale is

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 34

If the measurement of a length is made as (2271) mm, then percentage error in the measurement is

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 35

Bright colours exihibited by spider's web exposed to sun light are due to

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 36

In young's double slit experiment, three light, blue, yellow and red are used successively. For which colour, will the fringe width be maximum?

Detailed Solution for BITSAT Physics Test - Question 36

In visible spectrum, red light has the greatest wavelength. And, fringe width is directly proportional to the wavelength of light. Therefore, the fringe width will maximum for red light.

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 37

The equation y = A cos2(2π nt - 2π x/λ) represents a wave with

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 38

The ratio of intensities of two waves is 9:1. When they superimpose, the ratio of maximum to minimum intensities will become

Detailed Solution for BITSAT Physics Test - Question 38

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 39

Water falls from a height of 60 m at the rate of 15 kg/s to operate a turbine . The losses due to frictional forces are 10% of energy . How much power is generated by the turbine ?(g = 10 m/s2)

BITSAT Physics Test - Question 40

A force of 10 N displaces an object by 10 m. If work done is 50 J, then direction of force makes an angle with direction of displacement

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