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Reliance Group

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24 Questions MCQ Test General Knowledge | Reliance Group

Reliance Group for Class 5 2022 is part of General Knowledge preparation. The Reliance Group questions and answers have been prepared according to the Class 5 exam syllabus.The Reliance Group MCQs are made for Class 5 2022 Exam. Find important definitions, questions, notes, meanings, examples, exercises, MCQs and online tests for Reliance Group below.
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Reliance Group - Question 1

Dadri belong to which state where Reliance Energy is currently constricting a 5500 MW gas generation power plant?  

Reliance Group - Question 2

What is the official website name of Reliance Communication?  

Reliance Group - Question 3

At which location, where Reliance company begins construction of a polyester filament yarn facility?  

Reliance Group - Question 4
One of these is not a Major subsidiaries / associates of Reliance Industry.  
Reliance Group - Question 5
What is the net worth of Reliance Capital on 31 Dec 2008?  
Reliance Group - Question 6
What is the full form of MMRDA (in reference of Reliance Infrastructure)?  
Reliance Group - Question 7
What is the company name which is take over by Reliance Energy in 2002?  
Reliance Group - Question 8
What is the foundation year of Reliance Capital Company? 
Reliance Group - Question 9
What is the subsidiary company of Reliance Retail?  
Reliance Group - Question 10
In which year, Reliance launches textile manufacturing first factory?
Reliance Group - Question 11
What is the rank of Reliance Industry on Fortune Global 500 list of the world''s biggest corporations for the year 2012?
Reliance Group - Question 12
Reliance company acquires Trevira of which country, becoming the world's leading manufacturer of polyester?  
Reliance Group - Question 13
What is the full form of RMW (in reference of Reliance Entertainment)?   
Reliance Group - Question 14
What is the foundation year of Reliance Industry?
Reliance Group - Question 15
In which location of India RIDC provide Internet Data Center services?  
Reliance Group - Question 16
Who is the key person of Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital & Medical Research Institute?  
Reliance Group - Question 17
This is not a subsidiary company of Reliance Capital company?  
Reliance Group - Question 18
This is not a subsidiary company of Reliance Capital company?   
Reliance Group - Question 19
How many products listed in the Reliance Digital till 2012?  
Reliance Group - Question 20
In which year, Reliance change Reliance Refineries name into Reliance Petroleum?
Reliance Group - Question 21
What is the Radio channel name of FM by Reliance Big Entertainment?  
Reliance Group - Question 22
How many employee of Reliance Capital in 2011?  
Reliance Group - Question 23
What is the segment name where Reliance Industry operates till 2012?  
Reliance Group - Question 24
What is the full form of RIDC (in reference of Reliance Communication)?  
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