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20 Questions MCQ Test General Knowledge | Toyota

Toyota for Class 5 2022 is part of General Knowledge preparation. The Toyota questions and answers have been prepared according to the Class 5 exam syllabus.The Toyota MCQs are made for Class 5 2022 Exam. Find important definitions, questions, notes, meanings, examples, exercises, MCQs and online tests for Toyota below.
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Toyota - Question 1

Since 1991, Toyota has donated over __________ in cash & grants. That’s almost $24 million a year!  

Toyota - Question 2

The company was founded by whom ? 

Toyota - Question 3

Who invented the Toyoda Model G Automatic Loom for Toyota ? It is the principle of Jidoka, which means the machine stops itself when a problem occurs. 

Toyota - Question 4
Which is the first new Greenfield auto assembly plant in Canada in almost 20 years which opened in 2008. It was made by Toyota ?  
Toyota - Question 5
In which year, Toyota received its first Japanese Quality Control Award ?  
Toyota - Question 6
The Toyota Co. products belong to which of the following type ?  
Toyota - Question 7
With which company, the Toyota Motor Company merged into one company, the Toyota Motor Corporation in 1982 ?  
Toyota - Question 8
Toyota was the _________ automobile manufacturer in 2011 by production ?  
Toyota - Question 9
How many global patents do Toyota has on the 2010 Prius4 ? 
Toyota - Question 10
In which year , Toyota's sales surpassed General Motors, making Toyota number one in the world ? 
Toyota - Question 11
Which country people said that the Toyota has the best reputation of any automaker – according to the 2009 Marketing/Leger Canada Corporate Reputation Survey.  
Toyota - Question 12
Toyota Headquarters exists in which country ?  
Toyota - Question 13
In which year, Toyota''s Toyo Trust and Banking merged with two other banks to form UFJ Bank ? 
Toyota - Question 14
What is the full form of TRD in reference of Toyota Co. ?  
Toyota - Question 15
With which company, Toyota entered into a joint venture in 1984 ?  
Toyota - Question 16
Who is the current President and CEO of Toyota Co.?  
Toyota - Question 17
In which year , Toyota started producing cars in France ?  
Toyota - Question 18
Toyota Canada is a national sponsor of __________ ?  
Toyota - Question 19
Toyota vehicles claimed ________ of the top ten places for highest retained value according to Canadian Black Book.
Toyota - Question 20
How many employees worked in Toyota Co. in the year 2012 ?  
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