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Test: Beams - 2 - Civil Engineering (CE) MCQ

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9 Questions MCQ Test GATE Civil Engineering (CE) 2025 Mock Test Series - Test: Beams - 2

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Test: Beams - 2 - Question 1

The rolled steel section used in a cased beam has width ‘B’ mm and depth ‘D’ mm. The minimum width in mm of the finished cased beam is given by 

Test: Beams - 2 - Question 2

Lateral buckling of beam starts from top flange because of

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Test: Beams - 2 - Question 3

For a cantilever beam of length L built-in at the support and restrained against torsion at the free end, the effective projecting length l is

Test: Beams - 2 - Question 4

If ends are assumed to be fixed, then slenderness ratio for web buckling and diagonal buckling respectively is
d = clear depth of web between roots of fillet
t = web thickness

Test: Beams - 2 - Question 5

Under a concentrated load, bearing stress fb in a beam, is given by

Test: Beams - 2 - Question 6

In web crippling, the bearing length under reactions at the support is calculated by
b = width of the bearing plate 
h = depth of root of the fillet in mm

Test: Beams - 2 - Question 7

The area Ap of cover plates in one flange of a built up beam, is given by

Test: Beams - 2 - Question 8

In a simply supported beam of span l, each end is restrained against torsion, compression flange being unrestrained. According to IS : 800, the effective length of the compression flange will be equal to

Test: Beams - 2 - Question 9

By how much percentage is the permissible stress in a grillage beam be increased if it is encased in concrete

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