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Test: Decimal - UPSC MCQ

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20 Questions MCQ Test CSAT Preparation - Test: Decimal

Test: Decimal for UPSC 2024 is part of CSAT Preparation preparation. The Test: Decimal questions and answers have been prepared according to the UPSC exam syllabus.The Test: Decimal MCQs are made for UPSC 2024 Exam. Find important definitions, questions, notes, meanings, examples, exercises, MCQs and online tests for Test: Decimal below.
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Test: Decimal - Question 1

10.8 X 1.3 is equal to

Test: Decimal - Question 2

80.2 x 5.04 is equal to

Test: Decimal - Question 3

0.005 ÷ 0.25 is equal to

Test: Decimal - Question 4

36.45 ÷ 0.2 is equal to

Test: Decimal - Question 5

2 ÷  5 is equal to

Test: Decimal - Question 6

On simplifying 1.07 + 2.7 X 1.02 ÷ 1.6 we get

Detailed Solution for Test: Decimal - Question 6

Using BODMAS, we get 2.79 after simplifying

Test: Decimal - Question 7

1 km is equal to

Test: Decimal - Question 8

1 hg is equal to

Test: Decimal - Question 9

A printer takes 0.012 seconds to print one alphabet. How long will he take to print the word ‘mathematics’?

Detailed Solution for Test: Decimal - Question 9
It is just simple multiplication nothing else.
The word mathematics contains 11 words
according to ques each word will take exactly 0.012 second
So to print mathematics it will take 0.012×11 seconds that will be equal to 0.132 seconds. Therefore option C is correct. :-)
Test: Decimal - Question 10

700 m expressed in km is

Test: Decimal - Question 11

Value of 1.1 x 0.1 is

Test: Decimal - Question 12

Rs. 0.08 equals

Test: Decimal - Question 13

3 kg 50 gm expressed as kg is

Test: Decimal - Question 14

6 ÷  0.3 equals

Test: Decimal - Question 15

0.213 ÷ 0.00213 = ?

Test: Decimal - Question 16

1/0.04 is equal to

Test: Decimal - Question 17

.009/? = .01

Test: Decimal - Question 18

.04 x ? = .000016

Test: Decimal - Question 19

then value of x is

Test: Decimal - Question 20

If then value of   is

Detailed Solution for Test: Decimal - Question 20

The correct option is A.

As it does not follows the pattern in the other given options.

It is clear that the third alphabet in each word is the first in when rearranged.but not in case of A.

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