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Name of the Hacker who breaks the SIPRNET system?


The SIPRNET (or Advanced Research Project Agency Network) system was first hacked by Kevin Poulsen as he breaks into the Pentagon network.


Which of the following known as the oldest phone hacking techniques used by hackers to make free calls?


Phreaking is considered as one of the oldest phone hacking techniques used by hackers to make free calls.


Which of the following is considered as the first hacker's conference?


DEFCON is one of the most popular and largest Hacker's as well as the security consultant's conference. It is always held once a year in Las Vegas, Nevada, where hackers of all types (such as black hats, gray hats, and white hat hackers), government agents as well as security professionals from around the world attend the conference attends this meeting.


Which type following UNIX account provides all types of privileges and rights which one can perform administrative functions?


If a user uses the Root account of the UNIX operating system, he can carry out all types of administrative functions because it provides all necessary privileges and rights to a user.


Which one of the following is considered as the most secure Linux operating system that also provides anonymity and the incognito option for securing the user's information?


Tails is a type of Linux-based operating system that is considered to be one of the most secure operating systems in the world. It also provides many features such as anonymity and incognito options to insure that user information is always protected. The main reason why the tails operating system is famous among the user is that it is almost untraceable, which keep your privacy secure.


In order to ensure the security of the data/ information, we need to ____________ the data:


Data encryption is a type of method in which the plain text is converted into ciphertext, and only the authorized users can decrypt it back to plain text by using the right key. This preserves the Confidentiality of the Data.


Why are the factors like Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, and Authenticity considered as the fundamentals?


Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability and Authenticity all these four elements helps in understanding security and its components.


In an any organization, company or firm the policies of information security come under__________


Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability are the three main principles. In Short, these three principles are also known as the CIA triad and plays a vital role as the cornerstone of the security structure of any organization.


In the CIA Triad, which one of the following is not involved?


CIA refers to Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability that are also considered as the CIA triad. However, the CIA triad does not involve Authenticity.


Which one of the following systems cannot be considered as an example of the operating systems?


Microsoft office is a type of software used for creating and managing documents, which is one of the most famous products of the Microsoft organization. So the correct answer will be the D.


DNS translates a Domain name into _________


DNS stands for the Domain name system; the main work of a DNS is to translate the Domain name into an IP address that is understandable to the computers.


 In which of the following, a person is constantly followed/chased by another person or group of several peoples?

  • In general, Stalking refers to continuous surveillance on the target (or person) done by a group of people or by the individual person.
  • Cyber Stalking is a type of cybercrime in which a person (or victim) is being followed continuously by another person or group of several people through electronic means to harass the victim. We can also say that the primary goal of Stalking is to observe or monitor each victim's actions to get the essential information that can be further used for threatening, harassing, etc.

 Which one of the following can be considered as the class of computer threats?


A dos attack refers to the denial of service attack. It is a kind of cyber attack in which one tries to make a machine (or targeted application, website etc.) unavailable for its intended users. It is usually accomplished by disturbing the service temporarily or indefinitely of the target connected to the internet.


Which of the following is considered as the unsolicited commercial email?


It is a type of unsolicited email which is generally sent in bulk to an indiscriminate recipient list for commercial purpose. Generally, these types of mail are considered unwanted because most users don't want these emails at all.


Which of the following usually observe each activity on the internet of the victim, gather all information in the background, and send it to someone else?


It is generally defined as the software designed to enter the target's device or computer system, gather all information, observe all user activities, and send this information to a third party. Another important thing about the spyware is that it works in the background sends all information without your permission.

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