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The cross-section of a beam in bending is as shown in the figure. It is subjected to shear force acting in the plane of cross-section. Which among the following figure shows the correct shear stress distribution across the depth of the cross-section of the beam?


 A beam of square cross -section ( S x B) is used as a beam with one diagonal horizontal. The location of the maximum shear stress from the neutral axis will be at distance o


The digonal is B√2. The location of maximum shear stress from neutral axis is at a distance of 1/8   length of diagonal i.e B/4√2.


Which one of the following diagrams indicates the shear stress distribution for the beam as shown in the figure below


A beam is of i-section with flanges 200 mm x 10 mm and web 180 mm x 10 mm. Due to the bending moment applied on the beam section, maximum stress developed in the beam section is 100 MPa, what is the stress developed at inner edge of the flange?


f ∝ y
fmax/f = 100/90
∴ f = (90 x 100)/100
= 90 MPa


A MS beam is subjected to a bending moment, such that a stress of 100 MPa is developed in a layer at a distance of 100 mm from the neutral layer. If E= 200 GPa, what is the radius of curvature of the beam?: .


As we know, E/R = f/y
∴ (2 x 105)/R = 100/100
⇒ R = 2 x 10mm
= 200 mm


A cantilever of uniform strength σ, having rectangular section of constant breadth b but variable depth d is subjected to a UDL throughout its length. If the depth of the section is 150 mm at the fixed end, then what is the depth of the middle of the length of cantilever


A beam with a square section of 80 mm x 80 mm is simply supported at its ends. A load W is applied at the centre of the beam. If the maximum shear stress developed in the beam section is 6 N/mm2. What is the magnitude of W?


A l-section is subjected to transverse shear force. At which layer maximum shear stress is developed?


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