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Test: Maps - Question 1

Boundaries between different states are shown in _______ :

Detailed Solution for Test: Maps - Question 1

There are basically three types of Maps :
1. Physical Maps(shows physical relief of a particular geographical location)
2. Political Maps(which shows political boundaries between two states or counties)
3. Thematic Maps(shows particular theme like mines, rainfall, vegetation etc)

Coming to the question,
b. relief refers to a physical map
c. vegetation refers to thematic map
d. Commercial map This is also a kind of thematic maps provide a visual analysis, with layer after layer of important data that can be extracted and used to determine what types of businesses have the best chance for success.
So, the answer is political map which separates two states or Nations with different boundaries.

Test: Maps - Question 2

Thick blue line on map is usually used to show

Detailed Solution for Test: Maps - Question 2

blue line on a map usually represents a stream or other water feature. Blue lines and other symbols that stand for features of the Earth's surface are found on topographic maps.

Test: Maps - Question 3

Usually top of the map indicates ____ direction.

Detailed Solution for Test: Maps - Question 3

North and south are abstract concepts, which are also tied by metaphor to spatial perception  “Most modern-day maps typically show an orientation with north at the top of the two-dimensional depiction.

Test: Maps - Question 4

When a large scale area are shown on a small map it is called

Detailed Solution for Test: Maps - Question 4

They show large areas of land on a small space. They are called small scale because the representative fraction is relatively small.

Test: Maps - Question 5

_____ represents the curved surface areas of the whole world on a flat sheet of paper

Detailed Solution for Test: Maps - Question 5

Map is a diagrammatic representation of an area of land or sea showing physical features, cities, roads, etc on a sheet of paper.

Test: Maps - Question 6

The globe shows ____ of the earth correctly

Detailed Solution for Test: Maps - Question 6

A globe shows us what the Earth looks like. It is a model of Earth. Earth is shaped like a ball or a sphere. Earth has more water than land. There are five named oceans. There are seven large masses of land called continents.

Test: Maps - Question 7

The relation between the distance and corresponding distance on the map and corresponding distance on the ground known as

Detailed Solution for Test: Maps - Question 7

Refers to the relationship (or ratio) between distance on a map and the corresponding distance on the ground. On a 1:100,000 scale map, 1cm on the map equals 1km on the ground. Whether the scale is drawn out or written, you can easily calculate distances if you know the ratio.

Test: Maps - Question 8

How many components of map are there

Detailed Solution for Test: Maps - Question 8

The three components of a map are: distance, direction and symbol.

Test: Maps - Question 9

The blue colour is used for showing

Detailed Solution for Test: Maps - Question 9

Blue because water appears blue from space as it is the reflection of sky that is made by scattering of light.

Test: Maps - Question 10

Symbol on map that represent human and physical features on surface of Earth is classified as

Detailed Solution for Test: Maps - Question 10

 Various symbols are represented on a map to show the human and physical features, they are classified as Legend.

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