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Test: Drainage - 1 - UPSC MCQ

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10 Questions MCQ Test Geography for UPSC CSE - Test: Drainage - 1

Test: Drainage - 1 for UPSC 2024 is part of Geography for UPSC CSE preparation. The Test: Drainage - 1 questions and answers have been prepared according to the UPSC exam syllabus.The Test: Drainage - 1 MCQs are made for UPSC 2024 Exam. Find important definitions, questions, notes, meanings, examples, exercises, MCQs and online tests for Test: Drainage - 1 below.
Solutions of Test: Drainage - 1 questions in English are available as part of our Geography for UPSC CSE for UPSC & Test: Drainage - 1 solutions in Hindi for Geography for UPSC CSE course. Download more important topics, notes, lectures and mock test series for UPSC Exam by signing up for free. Attempt Test: Drainage - 1 | 10 questions in 10 minutes | Mock test for UPSC preparation | Free important questions MCQ to study Geography for UPSC CSE for UPSC Exam | Download free PDF with solutions
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Test: Drainage - 1 - Question 1

The river Narmada has its source at

Test: Drainage - 1 - Question 2

Which one of the following lakes differs from the rest in the group?

Test: Drainage - 1 - Question 3

Which of the following is the description of the term drainage?

Test: Drainage - 1 - Question 4

The Wular Lake is in ____________

Test: Drainage - 1 - Question 5

Which of the following statements about the river Narmada is not correct?

Test: Drainage - 1 - Question 6

Which of the following is the definition of a water divide?

Test: Drainage - 1 - Question 7

Name the saltwater lake of Rajasthan.

Test: Drainage - 1 - Question 8

Through which of the two states does the river Kaveri pass through?

Detailed Solution for Test: Drainage - 1 - Question 8

It rises on Brahmagiri Hill of the Western Ghats in southwestern Karnataka state, flows in a southeasterly direction for 475 miles (765 km) through the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, and descends the Eastern Ghats in a series of great falls.

Test: Drainage - 1 - Question 9

Most of the Peninsular rivers are perennial.

Test: Drainage - 1 - Question 10

The total length of River Ganga drainage basin is

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