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Q  Rights of a consumer are protected under __________________


Consumer Protection Act

Consumer Protection Act has been implemented(1986) or we can bring into existence to protect the rights of a consumer. It protects the consumer from exploitation that business practice to make profits which in turn harm the well being of the consumer and society.

This right help to educate the consumer on the right and responsibilities of being a consumer and how to seek help or justice when faced exploitation as a consumer. It teaches the consumer to make right choices and know what is right and what is wrong.

Who is a consumer according to Consumer Protection Act, 1986? A consumer is one that buys good for the consumption and not for the resale or commercial purpose. The consumer also hires service for a consideration.


______________A standardised mark is printed on jewellery.


Purity of gold is always a matter of greatest concern when it comes to gold buying. Hallmark gold is nothing but the certified gold. Hallmarking on the gold shows that the gold used for making jewellery adheres to the international standards of purity. 


___________ are set up in each district by the State Government concerned.


To provide cheap, speedy and simple redressal to consumer disputes, quasi-judicial machinery is set up at each District, State and National levels called District Forums, State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission and National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission respectively. 


________________ is set up by the Central Government


National Commission is the highest authority to hear matters related to consumer protection. the National Consumer shall have jurisdiction to entertain a complaint valued more than one crore and also have jurisdiction to hear appeals from the orders of State Commissions or the District fora as the case may be.
The Central Council is headed by Minister In-charge of the Department of Consumer Affairs in the Central Government.


The state commissions are set up in each state by ___________________


The States Reorganisation Commission (SRC) was a body constituted by the Central Government of India in 1953 to recommend the reorganisation of state boundaries. In 1955, after nearly 2 years of study, the Commission recommended that India's state boundaries should be reorganised to form 14 states and 3 union territories.States Reorganisation Commission consisted of Fazal Ali, K. M. Panikkar and H. N. Kunzru. Some of its recommendations were implemented in the States Reorganisation Act of 1956


Which act provides safeguards and reliefs to the buyers of the goods in case the goods purchased do not match with express or implied conditions or warranties?


Indian Sale of Goods Act 1930 is a Mercantile Law. The Sale of Goods Act is a kind of Indian Contract Act. It came into existence on 1 July 1930. It is a contract whereby the seller transfers or agrees to transfer the title (ownership) in the goods to the buyer for consideration. It is applicable all over India, except Jammu and Kashmir. The goods are sold from owner to buyer for a certain price and at a given period of time.The name Indian is removed from the act with effect from 23 September 1963 hence the act name is now Sale of Goods act 1930
" According to section 6 of the Indian sales of goods act, a contract of sales means such contract by which the seller transfer the title or ownership of the goods to the buyer or makes an agreement to transfer it against a fixed price ""
1. Buyer A person who buys or agrees to buy goods.
2. Seller A person who sells or agrees to sell goods.
3. Goods Every kind of movable property other than actionable things and money.
4. Existing goods Goods which are in existence at the time of contract of sale.
5. Future goods Goods which are to be manufactured /produced by seller after making contract of sale.
6. Specific goods Goods which are identified & agreed upon at the time of contract of sale has been made..


Consumers should use ISI marked electrical appliance is an example of


Consumers can ask anything regarding date of manufacture, price, quantity etc., is an example of _____________


A consumer has a right to file a complaint and to be heard in case of dissatisfaction with goods or services according to the ___________


Right to be Heard: The purpose of this right is to ensure that the consumer gets due recognition in consumer courts or redressal forums. Basically, when a consumer feels exploited, he has the right to approach a consumer court to voice his complaint. This right gives him/her due respect that his/her complaint will be duly heard. The right empowers consumers to fearlessly voice their concerns and seek justice in case they are exploited.


The consumer has a right to get relief in case of defective goods or deficient services as per the________________


Option is 'D' it is because as per the Consumer Right, Right to Seek Redressal Assure justice to consumer against exploitation and includes compensation for any loss or injurry sufferd by the consumer , replacement of goods or defect in the goods in order to provide satisfaction to condumers. Thus the consumer has a right to get relief in case of product fall short of his expectation.

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