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Q  Principles of management are not:


Principles of management are not absolute. They are just the guidelines for the decision making in the course of management. That is, principles of management are not applied as it is in the real business situations rather they need to be modified by the manager as per the situation and the requirement.


How are principles of management formed?


Principles of management are formed by the experiences of manager as It provides useful Insights into reality.


Who said, “Management is a multiple purpose organ that manages a business, manages a manager and manages workers and work”?


Peter Drucker defined management as multiple purpose organ that manages a business, manages a manager and manages workers and work.


Henri Fayol was a:


Henri Fayol (1841 – 1925) was a French coal-mine engineer, director of mines and modern management theoretician. His scientific management theory forms the base for business administration and business management. In the academic world, this is also known as Fayolism. Henri Fayol provided one of the most influential modern management concepts of his time. He is founder of the 14 Principles of management and the five functions of management.


Which of the following statement best describes the principle of ?Division of Work?


She/he keeps machines, materials, tools etc., ready for operations by concerned workers?. Whose work is described? by this sentence under functional foremanship?


Gang boss is assigned the task of keeping the Machines and tools ready for operations he have to take care of the material which are to be used by the people on the other hand repair Boss ensures that machines are in proper working condition .route clerks are to watch over the rate of production and instruction card clerk are to assign the duties of workers.


Which of the following is NOT a Principle of management given by Taylor?


Among the options given above, Functional Foremanship is not a principle of management rather it is a technique of scientific management as given by Taylor. It comprises of the methods or steps to be taken to achieve a desired goal. On the other hand, the other three are principles of management that acts as guidelines for decision making in the actual practice of the techniques.


Management should find ?One best way? to perform a task. Which technique of scientific management is defined in this sentence?


The technique that is being described in the given sentence is 'Method Study'. According to the 'Method Study' there is always a 'one best way' to complete any task. Every task can be performed via best method to gain efficiency. The basic purpose of this study is to reduce the costs to its minimal and increase the productivity to its maximum. Time study, Motion study and Fatigue study aims at standardising the time limits, eliminating the unwanted actions and deciding the break limits, respectively.


The word ________ denotes a function, a task, a discipline.


The word management denotes a function, a task, a discipline.

This is a multiple choice question based on the principles and practices of management.

These question helps to figure out the basics and understandings of the students.

Filling in the right option ensures their knowledge and information regarding the chapter and subject to be precise.

Here the right answer is management.


Name the organisational structure that assists in increasing managerial and operational efficiency.


Functional structure assists in increasing managerial and operational efficiency.

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