Test: Cloze Test- 1

15 Questions MCQ Test Verbal Ability (VA) & Reading Comprehension (RC) | Test: Cloze Test- 1

Attempt Test: Cloze Test- 1 | 15 questions in 15 minutes | Mock test for Banking Exams preparation | Free important questions MCQ to study Verbal Ability (VA) & Reading Comprehension (RC) for Banking Exams Exam | Download free PDF with solutions

As the consequences of climate change become more _________, increasing numbers of people have come to_________that the longer we hesitate, the more expensive the problem becomes.


When things are visible people recognize.


Is academic freedom affordable in a time of economic crisis? There remains a nagging sense that universities are _________now that ordinary people a r e _________ to make ends meet.


In times of economic crisis, the nagging sense about universities could be option 2 or 4. During economic crisis it does not make sense to say that people are 'studying' to make ends meet, 'struggling' makes better sense.


The new knowledge produced by original research is an instance of social capital formation. Hence, the university's unique institutional mission is to manufacture knowledge as a/an _______


Public good, 'social capital' controls the word. The most appropriuate option approximating to 'social capital' is public good.


Nazis did not exterminate the Jews in order to take their_________as most Jews were _________, and those who owned anything probably would have given it up gladly in order to save themselves.


"those who owned anything probably would have given it up gladly in order to save themselves" controls the first blank—hence property, or territory may fit the blank. "Atheists" eliminates option 3. If the Nazis did not exterminate them for what they own—the writer rules out this reason because most Jews probably had nothing, hence poor fits the next blank.


_________memories of past experiences allow new memories to bloom, much as__________leaves allow for new growth.


If 'past experiences allow new memories to bloom/ the past experiences must essentially recede or go into the background, hence fading in the first blank.

For the comparison of fading memories (past experiences) to be consistent, it must refer to something that is going away—hence dying in the next blank.


Newfangled means: a new kind or fashion: newfangled ideas; fond of or given to novelty. Exfoliate means: to throw off scales or flakes; peel off in thin fragments: The bark of some trees exfoliates.


Though Vitamin C is strongly associated with immunity, a prolonged marginal deficiency of Vitamin C may not lead to clinical symptoms; however, it may _________ one towards heart disease and _________ immunity.


The deficiency may make one susceptible to heart disease and immunity may be affected adversely' hence predispose (make one susceptible) one to heart disease, and lowered immunity logically complete the sentence.


Cars _________ to accommodate wheelchair users are vital to disabled people to get out and about and enjoy _________ lives.


There is nothing in the context to justify healthy or itinerant (moving form place to place; wandering—like a salesperson) option 1 'enjoy their lives' is grammatically correct but logically it does not justify "to get out and about'—hence active is justified. Cars can be adapted, modified or designed. The best combination, however, is option 3.


Print, paper, and newspapers enabled the rise of new types of ____based on expanded popular participation.


'based on expanded popular participation' and 'print, paper, and newspaper' (media) control the word in the blank. Political systems relate to both, whereas all the other options are not necessarily related to one or the other.


One in three people on our planet have no _________ to modern energy to light and heat the _________ in which they live.


Answer Option 4. 'modern energy' controls the first blank in the context, 'in which they love' and 'heat and light' control th next blank, hence dwellings.


Long stretches of _________rule, with its emphasis on command and control, has left policymaking in Pakistan highly_________


Answer Option 5. 'with its emphasis on command and control' determines the first word—hence military, totalitarian are likely answers. Vulnerable will not fit in the next blank (vulnerable to what?), centralised gives a coherent sentence. Military rule has left the policy making centralised.


Clearly, the popular response to the agitation was so _________that the government could not_________it as it had done many times in the past.


The correct option is Option D.

Clearly, the popular response to the agitation was so extensive that the government could not ignore it as it had done many times in the past.


Ironically, the conditions of the unorganised class of workers are far_________in those states that boast_________per capita incomes and high minimum wages


The words 'ironically' and 'boast' control the first and the second blanks respectively, 'boast cannot take 'low' after that, 'ironically' needs that the two parts need to be in contrasting; hence, option 1.


The _________ nature of the food inflation over the last year has brought the acuteness of food _________ in India into political focus.


'food inflation', 'acuteness of', 'into political focus' etc. control the blanks. Something is brought into political focus only when it is unrelenting (option 4) or persistent (option 5). Food inflation does not directly result in scarcity or shortage but necessarily creates insecurity. Hence option 2. The first part of options 1, 3 and 5 are nonsensical.


The situation in Kashmir has always been _________ , but policymaking in New Delhi, which has remained "one track ", has only helped t o _________ it further.


'has always been' and 'further' control the words. The word 'but' does not warrant a contrast in this sentence because it has the sense of 'contrary to expectations', or simply, 'and' can easily replace 'but'. So the sentence communicates a 'bad to worse' situation. Hence option 3.


Being unsure of itself, reform is pursued _________ by a coalition government constantly _________ of voters' reactions.


Being unsure of itself controls the first blank—unsure makes hesitantly the best option for the blank. Between chary, circumspect and wary, wary (cautious) fits the best. The difference between chary and wary is that: circumspect suggests less fear and stresses the surveying of all possible consequences before acting or deciding. Wary emphasizes suspiciousness and alertness in watching for danger and cunning in escaping it keeps a wary eye. Chary implies a cautious reluctance to give, act, or speak freely.

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