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Test: Physics - 2

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45 Questions MCQ Test NEET Mock Test Series | Test: Physics - 2

Test: Physics - 2 for NEET 2023 is part of NEET Mock Test Series preparation. The Test: Physics - 2 questions and answers have been prepared according to the NEET exam syllabus.The Test: Physics - 2 MCQs are made for NEET 2023 Exam. Find important definitions, questions, notes, meanings, examples, exercises, MCQs and online tests for Test: Physics - 2 below.
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Test: Physics - 2 - Question 1

A liquid drop tends to have a spherical shape because

Test: Physics - 2 - Question 2

A capillary tube of radius 1 mm is 10cm long. What maximum height of water it can hold if it is immersed in water upto 5cm and then taken out of it ? (Surface Tension of water = 98 dynes/cm)

Detailed Solution for Test: Physics - 2 - Question 2

h = 2T/rdg
h = (2*98)/(0.005*1000*10)
= 196/50
= 3.92 cm
that is approximately equal to 4 cm.

Test: Physics - 2 - Question 3

Ice floats in water contained in a vessel. When whole ice has melted, water temp. falls from The water level will

Test: Physics - 2 - Question 4
A beaker is partly filled with water. The mass of beaker and its contents is 100 gm. A block of wood having volume 20 c.c and density 0.5  is floated in beaker. The mass of the beaker and its contents, as read by a balance, will be
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 5

A particle executes simple harmonic motion of amplitude A. At what distance from the mean position is its kinetic energy equal to its potential energy?

Test: Physics - 2 - Question 6
Two soap bubbles of radii 4 mm & 6 mm are kept in contact. What is the radius of curvature at the junction of bubbles.
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 7

The time period of a simple pendulum with effective length equal to the radius of Earth (R) will be (g is acceleration due to gravity at the surface of earth)

Detailed Solution for Test: Physics - 2 - Question 7 When length is comparable to radius then T=2pi root under R/g(1+R/l) so if R=l then the ans would be C.
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 8
When water droplets merge to form a bigger drop
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 9
Which of the following quantities is always negative in a S.H.M.
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 10
For the wave represented by the equation y = 3cos cm the wave velocity and the maximum particle velocity are
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 11
Figure shows a capillary tube of radius r dipped into water. If the atmospheric pressure is  the pressure at point A is
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 12
Ultrasonic waves emitted by dolphins have a frequency of 250 kHz. Their wavelength in water is nearly 
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 13
The ratio of velocity of sound through a gas to the r.m.s. velocity of the gas molecules is ----------
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 14

The angular frequency of motion whose equation is given by  is (y = displacement and t= time)

Detailed Solution for Test: Physics - 2 - Question 14

Test: Physics - 2 - Question 15
Match list I & list II & select the correct answer given below:
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 16
In a stationary wave
I. all the particles perform simple harmonic motion
II. all the particles between two adjacent nodes vibrate in phase
III. the amplitude of particle vibration at an antinode is equal to that of either component wave
IV. particles on opposite sides of a node vibrate with a phase difference of 
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 17
The M.I. of a disc of mass M and radius R about an axis, which is tangential to the circumference of the disc and parallel to its diameter is
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 18
The M.I. of a body (initially at rest) about a given axis is 1.2  In order to produce a rotational K.E. of 1500 J, an angular acceleration of 25  must be applied about that axis for a period of
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 19
The centre of a wheel rolling on a plane surface moves with a speed . A particle on the rim of the wheel at the same level as the centre will be moving at speed
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 20

Three identical rods, each of length l are joined to form a rigid equilateral triangle. Its radius of gyration about an axis passing through a corner and perpendicular to the plane of the triangle is

Test: Physics - 2 - Question 21
The velocity of a solid sphere after rolling down an inclined plane of height h, from rest, without sliding is
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 22
A solid sphere rolls without slipping down a 300(from horizontal) incline plane. Its linear acceleration will be 
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 23

A planet moves around the sun. At a point P it is closest from the sun at a distance d1 and has a speed V1. At another point Q, when it is farthest from the sun at a distance d2, its speed will be

Test: Physics - 2 - Question 24
The earth retains its atmosphere because
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 25
A solid sphere rolls without slipping and presses a spring of spring constant ‘K’ as in fig. at the moment shown a spring was in relaxed state then the maximum compression in the spring will be
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 26
A particle of mass m = 5 unit is moving with a uniform speed  unit in the XOY plane along the line Y=X+4. The magnitude of the angular momentum about origin is:
Detailed Solution for Test: Physics - 2 - Question 26 Y=x+4 , x-y-4=0So,perpendicular distance from the origin =4/square root of(1^2+1^2) , =4/square root of 2 now using the law of angular momentum =mvr=5×4/square root of 2×3×square root of 2=60 units.
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 27
If the earth is at one forth of its present distance from the sun, the duration of the year will be
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 28
A wheel of M. I.  is making 10 revolution per second. It is stopped in 20 Second. Then angular retardation is
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 29
We have two sphere one of which is hollow and the other is solid. They have identical masses and moment of inertia about their respective diameter. The ratio of their radii is
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 30

When a ceiling fan is switched off, its angular velocity falls to half while it makes 36 rotations. How many more rotations will it make before coming to rest if the angular retardation is assumed uniform ?

Test: Physics - 2 - Question 31
A wheel whose moment of inertia is 12  has an initial angular velocity of 40 rad/s. A constant torque of 20 NM acts on the wheel. The time in which the wheel is accelerated to 100 rad/s is
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 32
The M.I. of a solid sphere of mass M and radius R about an axis at a distance 2R from centre is
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 33
A reversible engine Converts one-sixth of the heat input into work. When the temperature of the sink is reduced by  the efficiency of the engine is doubled. The temperature of source and sink are
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 34
Two liquids A and B are  and . When mixed in equal masses the temperature of the mixture is found to be . Their specific heats are in the ratio of
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 35
Which of the following is not a postulate of kinetic theory of gases ?
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 36

Certain perfect gas is found to obey PV3/2 = constant during an adiabatic process. If such a gas at initial temperature T is adiabatically compressed to half the initial volume, its final temperature will be

Test: Physics - 2 - Question 37
The first law of thermodynamics is concerned with the conservation of
Detailed Solution for Test: Physics - 2 - Question 37 1st law concerned with heat energy bcoz energy neither be created nor be destroyed so it's only true with energy.
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 38
For hydrogen the temperature and volume are related to each other according to the relation   When the gas undergoes an adiabatic process and changes from thermodynamic state 1 to 2, the value of x is
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 39
The colour of a star is an indication of its
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 40
A given mass of a gas expands from the state A to the state B by three paths 1, 2 and 3 as shown in the figure.

If  respectively be the work done by the gas along the three paths then
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 41
An engineer claims to have made an engine delivering 10 kW power with fuel consumption of 1 gm/sec. The calorific value of fuel is 2 k cal/gm. This claim is
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 42
A thermometer has wrong calibration (of course at equal distances and the capillary is of uniform diameter). It reads the melting point of ice as It reads  in place of The temperature of boiling point of water on this scale is
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 43
If the   for the solar radiation is  then the temperature of the surface of the photosphere of the sun will be
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 44
Two rods of same length and material transfer a given amount of heat in 12 s, when they are joined in series. But when they are joined in parallel, they will transfer same heat in same conditions in
Test: Physics - 2 - Question 45
What will be the ratio of energy liberated when two bodies one at  and other at  are kept in surroundings at 
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