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Test: Physics - 9 - Question 1

A source of 2 candela produces a light flux equal to

Test: Physics - 9 - Question 2

The resolution limit of the eye is 1 minute. At a distance of X km from the eye, two persons stand with a lateral separation of 3 meters. For the two persons to be just resolved by the naked eye, X should be

Test: Physics - 9 - Question 3

In Young's double slit experiment, the fringe width is found to be 0.4 mm. If the whole apparatus is immersed in water of refractive index 4/3 without disturbing the geometrical arrangement, the new fringe width will be

Test: Physics - 9 - Question 4
When an object is at distances and from a lens a real image and a virtual image is formed respectively having the same magnification. The focal length of the lens is
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 5
A star is going away from the earth. An observer on the earth will see the wavelength of light coming from the star
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 6
Two optical media of refractive indices and contain x and y waves of the same colour in the same thickness.Then their relative refractive is equal to
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 7
The focal length of a convex lens is 10 cm and its is 1.5. If the radius of curvature of one surface is 7.5 cm,the radius of curvature of the second surface will be
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 8
If an object is placed unsymmetrically between two plane mirrors inclined at an angle of then the total no. of images formed is
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 9
If & are the electric permittivity and magnetic permeability in a free space. & are the corresponding quantities in medium, the index of refraction of the medium is
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 10
The refractive index of violet and red light are 1.54 and1.52 respectively. If the angle of prism is
the angular dispersion is 
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 11
Interference fringes are obtained using two coherent sources whose intensities are in ratio 4 : 1. Then the ratio of the intensities of the bright and dark bands is
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 12
A ray of light passes through an equilateral prism such that the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of emergence and the latter equal to (3/4)th the angle of the prism. The angle of deviation will be
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 13
A point object O is placed on the principal axis of a convex lens of focal length 20 cm at a distance of 40cm to the left of it. The diameter of the lens is 10 cm. If the eye is placed 60 cm to the right of the lens at a distance h below the principal axis, then the maximum value of h to see the image will be
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 14
In a compound microscope, the focal lengths of two lenses are 1.5 cm and 6.25 cm. If an object is placed at 2cm from objective and the final image is formed at 25cm from eye lens, the distance between the two lenses is
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 15
Angle of a prism is A and its one surface is slivered.Light rays falling at an angle of incidence 2 A on first surface returns back, through, the same path after suffering reflection at the second silvered surface.Refractive index of material is
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 16
Diamond shines due to its
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 17
The resolving power of a telescope is highest for---- light
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 18
The wavelength of the line for an elements of atomic number 43 is l. Then the wavelength of the
line for an element of atomic number 29 is
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 19
When a beam of accelerated electrons hit a target a continuous X-ray spectrum is emitted from the target.Which one of these wavelengths is absent in the X-ray spectrum if the X-rays tube is operated at 40,000V ?
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 20
The radio transmitter operates on a wavelength of 1500m at a power of 400 kilowatt. The energy of radiophoton in Joules is
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 21
A proton and an a-particle are accelerated through the same potential differences. The ratio of their de Broglie wavelengths is
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 22
Light of two different frequencies whose photons have energies 1 and 2.5 eV respectively, successively illuminate a metal whose work function is 0.5 eV. The ratio of the maximum speeds of the emitted electrons will be
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 23
In a photoelectric experiment, photons of energy 4.8eV are incident on a metal surface. They liberate
electrons which are just 'stopped' by an electrode at a potential of -3.3 volt with respect to the metal. The work function of the metal surface in electron volt is
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 24
A freshly prepared radioactive source of half life 2 hrs emits radiations of intensity which is 64 times the permissible safe level. The minimum time after which it would be possible to work safely with this source is
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 25
A gamma ray photon creates an electron positron pair. If the rest mass energy of an electron is 0.5
MeV and the total kinetic energy of the electron positron pair is 0.5 MeV, then the energy of the
gamma ray photon must be
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 26
Photoelectric effect can be explained only by assuming that light
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 27
One of the following unstable in free space is
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 28
In the thermonuclear reaction the energy released per nucleon of the reactants is
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 29
The relationship between and is given by
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 30
Three amplifires, each having voltage amplification of 10, are connected in series. The resultant amplification would be
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 31
A transistor is operated in CE configuration at such that a change in base current in from to produces a change in the collector current from 9 mA to 16.5 mA. The value of current gain, is
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 32
The following logic symbol is equivalent to
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 33
A n-type semi-conductor is electrically
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 34

In a full wave rectifier circuit operating from 50 Hz mains frequency, the fundamental frequency in the ripple would be

Detailed Solution for Test: Physics - 9 - Question 34

Frequency = 2(frequency of input signal)

Test: Physics - 9 - Question 35
Which of the following gates cannot be prepared by the repetitive use of NOR gate
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 36
Donor type semiconductor is formed by adding impurity of valency
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 37
The zener diode is used for
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 38
If we want a reverse-biased P-N junction, we give
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 39
Which truth table is correct for the function A and B respresented by the figure given below

Test: Physics - 9 - Question 40
A pure semiconductor has
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 41
For a transistor amplifier power gain and voltage gain are 7.5 and 2.5 respectively. The correct value of the current gain will be
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 42
How many AM broadcast stations can be accommodated in a 150 KHz bandwidth if the highest frequency of modulation is 5 KHz ?
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 43
Which of the following is utilized in television communication?
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 44
Devices which convert an information into electrical signal is known as
Test: Physics - 9 - Question 45
The area of the region covered by the T.V. broadcast by a T.V. tower to height 100 m is
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