Test: Transport Of Materials Across Cells

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A cell placed in solution swells up. The solution is:


Cell is kept in hypotonic solution then due to osmosis the solvent particles enter into the cell termed as endosmosis which results in bulging of the cell this state is termed as turgid cell.


If dried apricots are initially placed in plain water for some time and then into a concentrated solution of sugar, they will:


- Dry apricots when placed in pure water swell due end osmosis (inward movement of water) and later when are transferred sugar solution exosmosis (outward movement of water) occurs and they shrink again.
- When a Red Blood Cell is placed in concentrated saline solution exosmosis occurs and the RBCs shrink due to excess loss of water.


In the process of ———–substances move across the membrane without the expenditure of ATP.


In facilitated diffusion special proteins help move substances across membranes without expenditure of ATP energy.


A plant cell becomes swollen due to:


Hypotonic solutions are the ones which have a lower concentration of solute than the inside the cell. Water diffuses into the cell to balance the solute concentration on either side (outside and inside) equal. Here the cell swells up due to entry of water by endosmosis. 


The fine roots of plants absorb water from the soil through the process of


Plants absorb water from the soil by osmosis. Root hair cells are adapted for this by having a large surface area to speed up osmosis. The absorbed water is transported through the roots to the rest of the plant where it is used for different purposes: It is a reactant used in photosynthesis.