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5 Questions MCQ Test Quantitative Aptitude for Banking Preparation | Test: Logical Matching- 1

This mock test of Test: Logical Matching- 1 for UPSC helps you for every UPSC entrance exam. This contains 5 Multiple Choice Questions for UPSC Test: Logical Matching- 1 (mcq) to study with solutions a complete question bank. The solved questions answers in this Test: Logical Matching- 1 quiz give you a good mix of easy questions and tough questions. UPSC students definitely take this Test: Logical Matching- 1 exercise for a better result in the exam. You can find other Test: Logical Matching- 1 extra questions, long questions & short questions for UPSC on EduRev as well by searching above.

The diagnostic term 'mental retardation' is finally being eliminated in the upcoming international classifications of diseases and disorders. Which situation below is the best example of a Mental Retardation? 


Sandra diagnosed before age 18 that includes below-average general intellectual function, and a lack of the skills necessary for daily living.


Embark means to engage, enlist, or invest in any affair. Which situation below is the best example of Embark ? 


Ram has recently selected for the BBA degree program through the college gaining entry at 2nd/3rd study year.


The definition of a reprieve is an escape, from expected punishment or consequence. Which situation below is the best example of Reprieve?


Government thinking for withdrawal of any sentence on his aides for a period of time.


The definition of Call it a day is to quit work and go home. Which situation below is the best example of Call it a day ? 


After playing together for 20 years the band have finally decided to discontinue the band.


Couch Potato defines as “Slang a lazy person whose recreation consists chiefly of watching television and videos”. Which situation below is the best example of Couch potato? 


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