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In a two hinged arch an increase in temperature induces


Increase in temperature in a two hinged arch (degree of indeterminacy one ) will cause horizontal thrust only.

Moment due to horizontal thrust is -Hy

So, max B.M will be at crown as crown has height value of y.


Which one of the following is associated with the rib shortening in arches either due to change in temperature or lack of fit to cause stresses in the arch members?


A three-hinged parabolic arch rib of span L and crown rise ' h ' carries a uniformly distributed superimposed load of intensity W per unit length. The hinges are located on two abutments at the same level and the third hinge at a quarter span location from left hand abutment. The horizontal thrust on the abutment is



A symmetrical two-hinged parabolic arch rib has a span of 32 m between abutment pins at the same level and a central rise of 5 m. When a rolling load of 100 kN crosses the span, the maximum horizontal thrust at the hinges will be


Maximum Horizontal Thrust occurs when the load is at center and is given by
H = (25WL)/(128h)
W = Concentrated Load = 100kN
Span= L = 32m; Rise= h=5m
Substituting the values we get H=125kN


A uniformly distributed load of 2 kN/m covers left half of the span of a three-hinged parabolic arch, span 40 m and central rise 10 m. Which of the following statements relating to different functions at the loaded quarter point are correct?
1. The slope is tan-1 (1/2)
2. The normal thrust is 6√5 kN.
3. The shear force is not zero
4. The bending moment is zero.

Select the correct answer using the codes' given below:



A three hinged arch is shown in the below figure. The influence line for the horizontal thrust is


For the two-hinged parabolic arch as shown in the below figure, which one of the following diagrams represents the shape of the bending moment variation.


A circular three-pinned arch of span 40 m and a rise of 8 m is hinged at the crown and springings. it carries a horizontal load of 100 kN per vertical metre on the left side. The horizontal thrust at the right springing will be


A symmetrical three-hinged parabolic arch of span L and rise h is hinged at springing and crown. It is subjected to a UDLw throughout the span. What is the bending moment at a section L/4 from the left support?


A three-hinged circular arch ACB is formed by two quadrants of circles AC and BC of radii 2R and R respectively with C as crown, as shown in the figure. Consider the following in respect of the reactive forces developed at supports A and B due to concentrated load at the crown:

1. Line of action of reaction RA at B is inclined at 45° to the horizontal.
2. H= HA = W/3
3. VB = 2VA
4. VA = VB + W/3

Which of the above is/are correct?


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