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Test: Tenses

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20 Questions MCQ Test English for CLAT | Test: Tenses

Test: Tenses for CLAT 2023 is part of English for CLAT preparation. The Test: Tenses questions and answers have been prepared according to the CLAT exam syllabus.The Test: Tenses MCQs are made for CLAT 2023 Exam. Find important definitions, questions, notes, meanings, examples, exercises, MCQs and online tests for Test: Tenses below.
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Test: Tenses - Question 1

The postman (a) / has came (b) / already. There (c) / are no letters for you. (d) / No error. (e)

Test: Tenses - Question 2

She dreaming(a) / of the day (b) / when she can go to (c) / China to visit her relatives. (d) / No error. (e)

Test: Tenses - Question 3

Chandra(a) / was mop (b) / the house with (c) / an old rag. (d) / No error. (e)

Test: Tenses - Question 4

Jill(a) / was standing (b) / at the bus-stop (c) / when I saw her. (d) /  No error. (e)

Test: Tenses - Question 5

All the(a) / books  (b) / are belonging to me. (c) / I love books. (d) / No error. (e)

Detailed Solution for Test: Tenses - Question 5

The correct option is C.
‘All the books belong to me’ is the correct sentence.

Test: Tenses - Question 6

I have saw(a) / Jack with that (b) / strange woman (c) / many times. (d) / No error. (e)

Test: Tenses - Question 7

The car(a) / looks dirty (b) / but it was (c) / cleaned yesterday. (d) / No error. (e)

Test: Tenses - Question 8

Since the new(a) / market opened, (b) / I had done my (c) / shopping there. (d) / No error. (e)

Test: Tenses - Question 9

Salsa(a) / was went (b) / to Singapore (c) / last Monday. (d) / No error. (e)

Test: Tenses - Question 10

I have(a) / driven 600 kilometers (b) / from Saint (c) / Peter Street.  (d) / No error. (e)

Detailed Solution for Test: Tenses - Question 10

The correct option is B.
We never take measuring magnitude in plural should be kilometer instead of kilometers

Test: Tenses - Question 11

My brother often ______to see English films.

Test: Tenses - Question 12

Vegetables _______ to our town from the villages nearby.

Test: Tenses - Question 13

He always ________ his coffee without sugar. 

Test: Tenses - Question 14

................many times every winter in Frankfurt.

Test: Tenses - Question 15

The Ganga ________ in the Himalayas and flows into the Bay of Bengal. 

Test: Tenses - Question 16

Our School _______ with prayer everyday.

Test: Tenses - Question 17

A brave man ______ heart.

Test: Tenses - Question 18

She hardly ever _______ on her veena these days.

Test: Tenses - Question 19

A gentleman ________  at others. 

Test: Tenses - Question 20

Madhu _______ awake till midnight these days.  

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