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Test: Telnet - Computer Science Engineering (CSE) MCQ

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16 Questions MCQ Test Computer Networks - Test: Telnet

Test: Telnet for Computer Science Engineering (CSE) 2024 is part of Computer Networks preparation. The Test: Telnet questions and answers have been prepared according to the Computer Science Engineering (CSE) exam syllabus.The Test: Telnet MCQs are made for Computer Science Engineering (CSE) 2024 Exam. Find important definitions, questions, notes, meanings, examples, exercises, MCQs and online tests for Test: Telnet below.
Solutions of Test: Telnet questions in English are available as part of our Computer Networks for Computer Science Engineering (CSE) & Test: Telnet solutions in Hindi for Computer Networks course. Download more important topics, notes, lectures and mock test series for Computer Science Engineering (CSE) Exam by signing up for free. Attempt Test: Telnet | 16 questions in 15 minutes | Mock test for Computer Science Engineering (CSE) preparation | Free important questions MCQ to study Computer Networks for Computer Science Engineering (CSE) Exam | Download free PDF with solutions
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Test: Telnet - Question 1

 The protocol used by Telnet application is

Test: Telnet - Question 2

 In “character at a time” mode

Test: Telnet - Question 3

_______ allows you to connect and login to a remote computer

Test: Telnet - Question 4

The correct syntax to be written in the web browser to Telnet to is

Test: Telnet - Question 5

Telnet is a

Test: Telnet - Question 6

Which one of the following is not correct?

Test: Telnet - Question 7

 Which operating mode of telnet is full duplex?

Test: Telnet - Question 8

 If we want that a character be interpreted by the client instead of server

Test: Telnet - Question 9

Telnet protocol is used to establish a connection to

Test: Telnet - Question 10

Which one of the following is not true?

Test: Telnet - Question 11

All telnet operations are sent as

Test: Telnet - Question 12

AbsoluteTelnet is a telnet client for

Test: Telnet - Question 13

The decimal code of interpret as command (IAC) character is

Test: Telnet - Question 14

 In character mode operation of telnet implementation

Test: Telnet - Question 15

In telnet, the client echoes the character on the screen but does not send it until a whole line is completed in

Test: Telnet - Question 16

 Which one of the following is not correct?

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