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Among the four friends A, B, C and D, who works for the most hours(each works for different no of hours ? I.A works less than B, D works less than both A and C
II.C works less than B but more than D, A works more than C but not the most.


From II : B>A>C>D


Prabu is in which direction with respect to Rohan ?
I.Mahesh is to the west of Tanya, who is to the north of Rohan. Prabu is to the north of Mahesh.
II.Kavi is to the south of Prabu and to the west of Rohan



How is O related to M ?
I.M is the son of N, P is the husband of N.
II.R is married to O, O has 2 children P and Q.P is the father of M.


From I
N P => M……..O’s relation not mention RO=>P(M) Q….grand daughter/son


How many students are there between Raj and Ajithain a row of 40 students ?
I.Raj is 7 from the left end, Ajitha is 17 from the right end.
II.Raj is 6 places away from Jeni, who is 20 from the left end.


From I :
40-(7+17) = 16 children between Raj and Ajitha


How is J related to L ?
I.J is the son of L’s grandfather K
II.The sister of L is mother of J’s son M


L……..sister….J’s son M
Brother –in-law


How is GREEN written in a code ?
I.GREEN AND BLACK is written as ‘ #@7’ and ORANGE AND PINK is written as ‘$%#’
II.PINK AND RED is written as ‘ #$8’ and YELLOW AND GREEN is written as ‘6@#’


From I and II :
AND = #


In which month of the year did Rohan go to Mumbai for business ?
I.Rohan’s son remembers that he went after 20 August but before 10 September
II.Varun, friend of Rohan remembers that he went Mumbai in the 3 quarter of the fiscal year ?


From I : Aug, Sep
From II :Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec


M’s flat is on which floor of 5 floor apartments ?
I.H flat, which is adjacent to M, is exactly below K’s flat which is on fifth floor
II.M’s flat is exactly above G’s flat, whose flat is exactly above N’s first floor flat.


From I
H – 4
K – 5
From II:
G – 2
N – 1
So M – 3 floor


How many Chocolates does the shopkeeper sells on Sunday ?
I.On Sunday he sold 12 more chocolates than he sold the previous day
II.He sold 28 chocolates each on Thursday and Saturday


28+12 = 40


 How many boys students are there in the class ?
I.65%girls students are there in the class
II.The no of boys students is half that of girls


From both the statement I and II we can find the ratio but we cannot find the exact no of boys.


How many days did Bhawna take to complete his work?
I. Preeti correctly remembers that Bhawna took more than 4 days but less than 11 days to complete the work.
II. Kirti correctly remembers that Bhawna took more than 9 days but less than 15 days to complete the work.


From I : 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 days From II : 10 or 11 or 12 or 13 or 14 days From both statements, only 10 is common in them, so Bhawna took 10 days which is predicted from bot statements.


What is A’s position from the right end in a row of 30 students?
I. A is third to the right of B, who is twelfth from the right end.
II. H is 14th from the right end of the row and there are eight students between H and A.


From I : B is at 12th position from right, A is third to right of B, so A is 9th from right end.
From II : H is at 14th position from right, with 8 students in between A and H – it is not sure than A is left of H or right of H, so A’s position cant be predicted.


What is the code of ‘7’ in a certain code?
I. ‘734’ stands for ‘DH%’ and ‘348’ stands for ‘D*%’ in that code.
II. ‘127’ stands for ‘H*$’ and ‘375’ stands for ‘&@H’ in that code.


Explanation: From I : code for ‘7’ is %
From II : code for ‘7’ is %
So it can be predicted from both alone.


How many floors does the building have (including ground floor)?
I. There are 3 families in the building and no two families live immediately above or below each other.
II. The area in which building is built has a rule that a building cannot have more than 4 floors (including ground floor).


From I : Suppose 1 family stays on ground floor, then the other should be on 2nd floor, and then third family on 4th floor, or there can be any other arrangement such no two families are on adjacent floors.
From II : Maximum of 4 floors means that the building can have 0 or 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 floors.
But if both statements are combined, which says that there are 3 families and they do not stay on alternate floors and maximum can be 4 floors, it is predicted that there are 4 floors in this building


What is the distance between points P and Q?
I. Point Y is exactly midway between points P and Q. Point Y is 6 km towards South of point K.
II. Point P is 6 km towards the West of point K.



How is A related to B?
I. B is the only brother of R, whose father is Q.
II. A is the only son of G, who is only sister of R.


From I : Q is the father of both B and R, R has only 1 brother
From II : G is sister of R, and A is G’s son
So from both statements, B , R and G are brothers and sisters. B is brother. G is sister, so B is A’s uncle.


Who is the heaviest among A , B, C, D and E?
I. D is heavier than B and C. C is heavier than A and E is not the heaviest.
II. E is heavier than A and D is heavier than only B.


From I : we do not get any order but it is for sure that D is heaviest
From II : we get B is lightest in weight, but nothing else.


Which direction is Puneet facing?
I. If Puneet turns 135 to his right, he will be facing West.
II. If Puneet turns 45 to his right, he will be in the opposite direction of Suresh who is facing North.


From I : If Puneet is facing South East and turns to right 1350 , he will face West
From II : If Puneet is facing South East and and turns to right 450 , he will face South which is opposite to North.


What is A’s position from the left end in a row of children facing South?
I. B is tenth to the left of A and fifteenth from the right end of the row.
II. There are 44 children besides A in the row


From I : B is at 15th position from right, A is 10th to right of B, so A is 5th from the right but we are not able to know the position from left.
From II : There are 45 children in the row. From both statements, A is 41st from left end.


A, B, C, D, and E are sitting in a row. Who among them is in the middle?
I. C is sitting on the immediate right of who is sitting on the immediate right of B
II. C and E always sit together with a condition that one of them will necessarily occupy the right end.


From I : No relation
From II : Only C and E can be placed, so in the middle A or B or D

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