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Syllogism MCQ - 4 - Bank Exams MCQ

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20 Questions MCQ Test Reasoning Aptitude for Competitive Examinations - Syllogism MCQ - 4

Syllogism MCQ - 4 for Bank Exams 2024 is part of Reasoning Aptitude for Competitive Examinations preparation. The Syllogism MCQ - 4 questions and answers have been prepared according to the Bank Exams exam syllabus.The Syllogism MCQ - 4 MCQs are made for Bank Exams 2024 Exam. Find important definitions, questions, notes, meanings, examples, exercises, MCQs and online tests for Syllogism MCQ - 4 below.
Solutions of Syllogism MCQ - 4 questions in English are available as part of our Reasoning Aptitude for Competitive Examinations for Bank Exams & Syllogism MCQ - 4 solutions in Hindi for Reasoning Aptitude for Competitive Examinations course. Download more important topics, notes, lectures and mock test series for Bank Exams Exam by signing up for free. Attempt Syllogism MCQ - 4 | 20 questions in 15 minutes | Mock test for Bank Exams preparation | Free important questions MCQ to study Reasoning Aptitude for Competitive Examinations for Bank Exams Exam | Download free PDF with solutions
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Syllogism MCQ - 4 - Question 1

Statements :
All letters are consonants. All alphabets are letters. All words are alphabets
Conclusions :
I.All words are consonants
II.Some letters are not words

Syllogism MCQ - 4 - Question 2

Statements :
All tables are wood. No wood is a metal. Some metals are glasses.
Conclusions :
I.No Table is a metal
II.Some glasses are table

Syllogism MCQ - 4 - Question 3

Statements :
All stars are moons. All moons are sun. All asteroids are sun.
Conclusions :
I.Some moons are asteroids.
II.All stars are sun

Syllogism MCQ - 4 - Question 4

Statements :
All winters are rains. Some rains are cyclone. All cyclones are summer
Conclusions :
I.Some summer are winter
II.some summer are not rains

Syllogism MCQ - 4 - Question 5

Statements :
Some tables are desks. No desk is a chair. Some sofa are chairs.
Conclusions :
I.Some Sofa are not desks
II.At least some table are not chair.

Detailed Solution for Syllogism MCQ - 4 - Question 5

Some+no = some not => I follow
Some+no = some not => II follow

Syllogism MCQ - 4 - Question 6

Statements :
All pens are pencils. Some erasers are pencils. All Scales are pens.
Conclusions :
I.All scales are pencils
II.All erasers being scale is a possibility.

Syllogism MCQ - 4 - Question 7

Statements :
Some apples are orange. Some oranges are grape. All grapes are banana
Conclusions :
I. No banana is a orange
II.At least some bananas are apples

Syllogism MCQ - 4 - Question 8

Statements :
Some metals are plastics. All plastics are glasses. No glass is a wood
Conclusions :
All wood being metal is a possibility
II.All glass being wood is a possibility

Syllogism MCQ - 4 - Question 9

Statements :
All dogs are lions. No cat is lion. No cat is cow.
Conclusions :
I.No dog is cat
II.No lion is cow.

Syllogism MCQ - 4 - Question 10

Statements : No car is a van. No van is a bus. All jeeps are buses
Conclusions :
I.No car is a bus
II.No van is a jeep
III.No bus is a van

Syllogism MCQ - 4 - Question 11

Statements : Some trees are branches. All branches are fruits. Some seeds are trees.
Conclusions :
I.Some seeds are branches
II.Some fruits are branches
III.At least some seeds are fruits

Syllogism MCQ - 4 - Question 12

Statements : All pictures are images. Some videos are snapshot. No image is a video
Conclusions :
I.No pictures is an image
II.Some snapshots are not image
III.All videos are not images

Syllogism MCQ - 4 - Question 13

Statements : All rooms are hall. All halls are houses. No building is a house.
Conclusions :
I.All houses being room is a possibility
II.Some halls are buildings
III.No room is a building

Syllogism MCQ - 4 - Question 14

Statements: Some actors are singers. All the singers are dancers:
a. Some actors are dancers.
b. No singer is actor.

Detailed Solution for Syllogism MCQ - 4 - Question 14

a. Some actors are dancers. → True (Some actors who are singers are also dancers)

b. No singer is actor. → False (Some actors are singers.)

Hence, only conclusion (I) follows.

Syllogism MCQ - 4 - Question 15

Statements : Some boxes are bottles. All glasses are bottles. All glasses are cups
Conclusions :
I.All cups being boxes is a possibility
II.Atleast some bottles are cups

Syllogism MCQ - 4 - Question 16

Statements : Some papers are covers. No cover is a book. All books are pages
Conclusions :
At least some papers are not book
No book is a cover

Syllogism MCQ - 4 - Question 17

Statements : No lock is a door. All keys are doors. Some keys are rooms
Conclusions :
I.Some keys are not locks
II.Atleast some rooms are keys

Syllogism MCQ - 4 - Question 18

Statements : All mouses are printers. Some computers are printers. No Computers is a keyboard.
Conclusions :
I.All mouses being Computer is a possibility
II.Some printers are not computers

Syllogism MCQ - 4 - Question 19

Statements : Some mangoes are apples. No apple is an orange. All oranges are grapes.
Conclusions :
I.Some apples not being orange is a possibility
II.Some grapes are not apples

Syllogism MCQ - 4 - Question 20

Statements : All lions are animals. Some lions are tigers.
Conclusions :
I.All animals are lions
II.At least some animals are tigers

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