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How many scheduled languages are recognized by the constitution


According to our Indian Constitution, Hindi is recognised as our official language but there are 21 more languages called as Scheduled languages which can be used in India as written in our Constitution.


What is the government at Block level called ?


A Panchayat Samiti (block panchayat) is a local government body at the tehsil level. This body works for the villages of the tehsil that together are called a "development block". The Panchayat Samiti is the link between the Gram Panchayat and the district administration.


Which local govt works at district level ?


Zilla Parishad is located at the apex of the Panchayat system at the district level. It consists of the Chairman of the Panchayat Samities as ex-officio Members, M.L.As, M.P.s of the area. Representatives of women, scheduled castes and tribes and backward class are co-opted as members.


By what name local govt at urban area called?
A) Municipality  
B) Municipal corporation  
C) Panchayat samiti


The urban area don't have local governments they have muncipality to manage the city in hindi nagar palika.


Who is the chairperson of Municipal Corporation?


The Mayor is the head of the municipal corporation, but the role is largely ceremonial as executive powers are vested in the municipal commissioner. The office of the Mayor combines a functional role of chairing the Corporation meeting as well as ceremonial role associated with being the First Citizen of the city.

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